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The Litchi Wine of China

Information on Litchi Fruit

North Coast Wine Group - Fine wines for sale online and by phone

  • WineCare....The best place to store wine in NYC...and we are particular!!!

  • Coup De Foudre....An antiquarium book dealer with wine as a speciality.                    
  • WineStacker....A site where wine collecting is Fun....... MUST Visit.                                 
  •  Wine Events.....Are you looking for a wine event? ...Well just click!                              
  • .....A great Internet Auction site to buy and sell's a free service                                                                                                                         
  • Mezcal--The Very Best....Single Village Mezcal and buy it on the Internet                                                  
  • Wine Insurance....A good place to obtain Wine Insurance on the Web...all risk policy for private cellars with no restrictions on geographic locations and a prime carrier.                                                                                                                        
  • Grapeseek...need some information about grapes and more.                                     
  • Staglin  Family Winery ...One of the Great California wineries..Mr. Staglin says:
  • "Estate grown cabernets, chardonnay, and sangiovese from a historic Rutherford bench vineyard. Family owned, our wines are produced to drink well on release and age gracefully". ..check it out!                                                                                                                               
  • McNees Family.....An American Family in love with wine....check it out!                                                    
  • The Brentwood Wine Company ... a wonderful place to shop for wines on the net and learn about investing in wine.                                                                                
  • The Chicago Wine Company....a great place to buy fine and rare wines                       
  • Cincinnati Wine Site...a great place to find out wine related events in greater cincinnati and a outstanding site ...well planned                                                            
  • Frederick of the great importers of the world...nice sounds with great wine.                                                                                                                         
  • Hoffman Press a publishing house that specializes in books about cooking with wine... some fantastic receipes in these books.                                                            
  • Seismo-Zombie..and every persons great site about wine drinking & tasting your heart out Robert Parker.

  • This is the Ultimate Wine Connection on the Internet...a must to visit...The Wine Connection

  • NY Wines Warehouse...specialized selection..... great  burgundy ......                                             

  • Tom Cannavan's tasting notes...very nice

  • The Fine Wine Line...wonderful products from a beautiful lady.                                          
  • Dean Tudor's encyclopedic list of wine & spirits links.            

  • Tomassi's WineCabinet information on the wines of the Northwest ... Oregon,  Washington, Idaho and British Columbia etc. a very nice site.

  • American Wine Society...a great group to join ...many local chapters

  • Check  immediately the prices of some fine and rare wine in up to date list from the FRW Co. in London.

  • UC at Davis is the best school in the United States on wine education a fantastic site... a Must visit.

  • Wine Technologies...The Ultimate Software for the Serious Wine Connoissuer...especially check the Robert Parker Wine Software.             
  • Ron Wiegand is the first person in the world to hold both titles:Master of Wine & Master Sommelier ...please visit his two sites...a professional wine newsletter. and of course an education on wine tasting.
  • The most comprehensive site about Australian wine on the Internet.

  • A list of the wine shops around the world, and in the United States by states...with comments...great for the collector.                                                                             
  • Strat's Place....Do you feel like surfing the net about wine...fill your glass with some wine...relax ...get on your

  • cyber surfboard and surf baby surf!    


  • Wine of Portugal...A great site to learn about the regions of winemaking in Portugal and a fantastic set of portuguese links
  • Auswine...a very nice australian site about wines..good prices too.
  • Vineyards of England and Whales...Oliver, did a fantastic job on this site ....please visit you will learn alot....the English taught me physics now wine!
  • German Wines...All you wanted to know about German wines..can be viewed in several languages
  • Wine, Photography, and Finland....A great set of  wine links and displayed outstandingly....must of the week
  • Behind the Vine...A great all around site...information for all...great list of wine for sale too!.....nice wine club
  • Wine Accessories..any products to do with wine....a nice selection of corkscrews  ...etc,etc
  • Nice German site...practice up on your German and read about wines...alot is if you read German ...just click
  • Hot Wines....You can "ask Franz", post a comment, a wonderful set of links, and very internet user friendly, great list of wines...and that red!
  • Inns and Wineries....In California..taking a trip.... well use this site and you will be happy you did!
  • Wine, Wine, Wine ...a great Hong Kong site...Tony is doing a good job!
  • Wine Vest...sells covers for wine bottles and a very informative and funny site...check it out
  • Learn about the Wines of Spain...a great site...and alot of information about Spain
  • Wine Furniture...a very nice site with unique wine furniture at great prices...a nice place to do some shopping over the web
  • Veni, Vidi, Vino.....a nice site for wine information and info on cigars.
  • "Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Site...this site is the undisputed best site about wine on the Internet.  You must visit and bookmark this site.
  • Les Kincaid....a great site for Food...Wine..... Golf...and more.
  • Goldsekt.....Champagne with real 23K gold flakes!
  • Christoph's  Good Life Quaterly....This site focuses on wine, cigars and the good life. Justin is the wine critic for The Philadelphia Sun....excellent site for wine and the good life! 
  • Solano Cellars......A great shop in California and you can buy over the net....those hard to find "great" california wines great prices too!
  • VinoSearch.....A nice site to search for wines and wine related topics!
  • Vinotheque...If you need wine or beer making equipment and are a retailers check them out....also they have a list of their retail stores.... we buy from them for our winemaking course!
  • Riedel Crystal....The quentessience of a great wine can only be experienced with the use of Riedel Crystal....We exclusively use this stemware at the Wine-Storage Cave!
  • Castello di Monterinaldi....Welcome to the world of Chianti Classico....A wonderful Italian site for Wine.
  • Museum at the University of Penn....A wonderful history of WINE!
  • Wine People.....Arthur did a beautiful job ...alot of wine information and tasteful too!
  • Visit the Wine Glass.....great Crystal.
  • Buy Wines over the Internet...just click
  • The Wine Auction Gazette with an International Auction Calendar
  •   On the page Non Wine Links!