The Wine-Storage Cave
Phone 914 340 9466

About the Wine Storage Cave and Staff

  • The wine cave is a vault facility approximately 100ft. long, 32 ft wide with 18 ft ceilings.  The floor is bluestone slabs. The walls and ceiling are stone.  The entrance to the vault has an 18 inch cement wall.  The vault is approximately 60 ft. under the surface and exits on street level.  It is behind  two doors--the outer wooden doors and the ten inch inner vault door that is approximately 25 ft. within the Cave.  This is the big cave (a picture of  the back wall of the cave).
  • Perfect conditions 56 F, humidity 70 percent, darkness, stillness, no odor, high level security systems coupled with complete privacy.
  • Finally we are located 60 miles from New York City, located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in the historic section of Kingston called Rondout. You are always welcome to use the little cave for wine tastings for your self and guests ...and our rules are:
  • The first rule is: "the customer is always right" and the second rule is:"refer back to the first rule."

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