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The units are mg/l...the mineral water is very low  in sodium via FDA has been tested and is coliform free... the mineral water has a sweet taste, with the clarity of a flawless diamond, and no odor. No radioactive effects were detected, further tests confirmed that there were no traces of any's ultra pure.

Tests were performed via The Environmental Health Laboratories on the ground water to observe if it was under the influence of surface water.  The test result confirmed no influence. This  mineral spring was categorized  and certified as a "RARE WATER SOURCE" by the testing lab using the EPA Consensus Method 910/9-92-029.  This is nature at its best!

You're probably thinking...RARE WATER???? These people must  be in the cave too long...consider the following facts: the water that you usually drink is surface water mixed with rain usually has to be disinfected by chlorination  and when it flows through the pipe and comes out at your house it's called TAP water.

Most springs have some surface water mixed in...we have next to nil.  So our spring water has been deep in the ground for at least 15 years--aged by MOTHER EARTH.  Over the course of time as it moves underground very picks up minerals...and it just so happens that these minerals in this water are very good for you....Now most springs do not have minerals naturally dissolved in their waters...because they are not isolated for 15 years  beneath the earth, and are fast flowing springs...and if it has dissolved solids  ....they can come from birds, garbage, contaminants etc etc ....or you might say this spring is for the birds or it's full of low total dissolved solids (TDS) is good for these types of  spring waters--MOST OF THE BOTTLED WATERS YOU BUY ARE OF THIS TYPE....but in our case this water is AGED and purified by the earth--a RARE miracle!....since it has time to dissolve minerals with no surface water interactions, and the minerals MOTHER EARTH GIVES IT-- are just so right for you....In order for us to put mineral water on the bottle it must have at least 500 parts per million of TDS and in our case it's very healthy TDS's.  So that's why this water is RARE! (copyrited 1998--vince lodato)

The Tritium Test

(This link shows the age of ground water: we have no surface water - By the way Vince  knew Bill Libby and his wife Leona when Vince was at the Rand Corporation -- very very nice folks a real lady and gentleman and they loved to "party" even in their old age in the 1970s- Bill won the Nobel prize for carbon 14 dating. But he really loved to party. That's it folks another useless bit of historical scientific information from an old man.)

AT the University of Arizona, we had our water tested and we found out how long it was underground (in the aquifer) before it came out of our spring which is three feet above the ground in the cave. It is a "protected source" and flows on its own source - for over 150 years and has we speak.  The results showed that the mineral water was rain water approximatle 8 years old, i.e.  It was trapped in the Catskill Mountains for 8 years and the minerals were dissolved from the earth over that period of time. (We do our homework since Dr. LoDato has a B.S. in Chemistry, M.S. in Physical Chemistry and a Ph.D. in theoretical Physics).

In summary this water has the right mix of healthy minerals added by is ultra pure...flawless in color...with an unusual, lingering, and delectable taste.This is truely one of the great mineral springs of the world...try some....come to the Cave every Saturday and gets some free... (Our mineral spring water source is a NYSDOH certified bulk water supply--the source is at the cave and the bottling is at another site.)

Finally if you're a member of the Cave...the water is free to you anytime you're here...always in moderation.  

 Ladies the mix of minerals is great and helps for PMS etc, ... men it helps in any deficiency you may have in Magnesium...over 150,000 people die  annually of heart attacks due to magnesium deficiency ...and finally babies and kids ....the right amount of fluorides for your teeth and the calcium is good for your bones. Wine lovers, you know what taste is... and you will taste the difference in this would you like a   tour where rare water and wines are stored.

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