A little note before we start. I learned with God all things are possible. I also learned with God you can forgive. Finally from God, I learned that truth shall be my sword and gentleness and patience shall be my armour.

(Two questions: why, when my sister, Joan Lodato, was murdered no one did anything? ... Why was my small high tech company destroyed?...This led me into the world of international power brokers...but I came full circle and everything points to

Dr. John E. Kelly III  Ph.D., Senior Vice President of IBM Research

(Kelly used Gerstner's technical ignorance and the power of IBM , a national treasure, for his own personal advancement -- reason money and power.

His result the murder of Joan LoDato.)

Concerning what I have written, this is not copywrited  -- please use responsibly and freely.


Vince LoDato

I have no fear. Why because "FEAR" is False Evidence Appearing Real

Finally," if you want to make God laugh then tell Him your plans!"

(An old Yiddish saying)


Please read this part first the ending..why this all happened!


July 2004

Well years have past and the last piece of this horrible puzzle came together.  The reader will ask?  

Why didn't IBM just buy LoDato? Remember IBM is a business.  If Lodato really had something he would have been bought out!

 All this is true.  The basic cause lies with John E. Kelly III Ph.D.  Kelly was and is in charge for the manufacturing process for these ultra high density chips.  At the time he was a senior executive in line for Dr. Attardo job and more. Kelly also had the ear of Gerstner...Gerstner relied on his technical ability.  

If Lodato had the opportunity to build this tool ( the proximity stepper)  then Kelly would look like a failure.   His job and future was in jeporady. Hence for his job security and advancement he convinced  Gerster to stop the BBE patent purchase from NYS.

BBE had three fourth of the problem solve but it needed Hampshire's point source technology.  Remember LoDato was offered a $1.5 million dollars not to purchase the Hampshire patents, and he was also offered a job at IBM via the plant manager at Endicott.  

LoDato would have worked for IBM via BBE but not as an IBM employee.  If he was an IBM employee  then he would be under the control of Kelly; and Kelly would have stopped this project because it wasn't his approach.

Kelly acted on his own interest not IBM's interest. So Kelly advised Gerstner to use the system  (IBM's relations with the state of NY and the Federal Governement NSA...see O'Hara's letter deputy chief scientist of NSA)...Lodato's house was arsoned and Joan Lodato climbed to the roof to escape the flames of the fire,  then she fell off the roof (three stories) and broke her neck on the brick floor below.

Kelly you stopped the purchase of Hampshire's patents by BBE (for you job security), just so you could get an advancement at IBM to be senior vice president at IBM...Was it worth it Mr. Kelly?  

You did not think about IBM etc etc....just for your own advancement, and you convinced Gerstner, a man who does not know the front end from the back end of a computer, to destroy BBE. The house was arsoned in hopes that the contract papers between BBE and State would be lost.  And you thought that Lodato would committ sucide just like Lubin (of Hampshire Instruments) did.

 Well it back fired and all this would not have occured if you just did your job at IBM--so far Kelly, years have past and you have failed to bring a manufacturing proximity stepper to the market place. Your nanotechnology scheme to bring SemiTech to Albany will help NYS out, but you 've failed  and continue to fail concerning this technical challange --a successful manufacturing proximity stepper.

Your history has shown it.

 We forgive you Kelly but we want JUSTICE for yours actions that caused the system to go wrong and end in the death of Joan LoDato.  Kelly this is Vince Lodato accusing you...you used IBM, Gerstner, the intelligence system just for your own advancement.

Mr. Kelly after observing all the money, engineers, and scientists at your disposal  for the last eight years, and your failure to build a manufacturing proximity stepper, you are a very mediocre and incompetent engineer with a craving for success.  

Why do your superiors  at IBM keep you in your present position?  It is just a matter of time before everyone sees through your incompetence and past deeds.

Dr. Kelly (From one Ph.D. to another, you are a very poor example of a Ph.D.)

This is Vince LoDato Ph.D. saying this about you.


John this is Vince: "We forgive you for your deeds that destroyed my family, but it is just a matter of time before you are brought to Justice."


What does Kelly say about the chip business...just read and you, the Internet reader, decide .

Copied verbitam from

the site movers and shakers....

The quick and the dead


'In the world of microelectronics there is a simple and enduring truth: The one who's first wins'

Dr John E Kelly III combines the best of the old and the new at IBM. Like some illustrious early executives, the 46-year-old Kelly has spent his entire professional life at Big Blue. Today, he personifies IBM's new spirit of speed and responsiveness.

Kelly joined IBM 20 years ago, with a doctorate in materials engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After a variety of positions in semiconductor development and manufacturing, CEO Lou Gerstner made him general manger of the Microelectronics Division in January 1999.

'Lou gave me very specific instructions,' Kelly remembers. 'He said, 'Drive this business as fast as you can.' And that's what we've done. Because in the world of microelectronics there is a simple and enduring truth: The one who's first wins.'

By the time Kelly took over the microelectronics unit, IBM had embarked on one of the most controversial moves in company history--selling and licensing its once-secret, cutting-edge technologies to other enterprises, regardless of whether those companies were competing with other IBM divisions. At the time, press reports and analysts suggested that Big Blue's days were numbered, since its desperation for revenue was forcing it to sell pieces of itself.

'That position represents an uninformed view of the IT world,' Kelly says. 'We would like to see a whole host of products built from IBM components, and we are going to sell all of our technology to maximize growth.' Semiconductor technology is changing very quickly, far faster than Intel cofounder Gordon Moore predicted, Kelly argues. Moreover, the number of products requiring new chip technology is also growing. 'So we have been--and will continue to be--very successful with our strategy of selling technology,' he says. 'Of course, it helps when that technology comes from the IBM labs.'

With approximately 3000 scientists and an annual budget of between $5 and $6 billion, the labs have always provided IBM with a technological edge. In the bad old days, however, bureaucracy and manufacturing logjams slowed the translation of technology into profits. 'We have done our best to make our process seamless from research to manufacturing to customer,' Kelly says.

It appears to be working. IBM's semiconductor business drove OEM revenue growth in 1999. By January 2000, just 15 months after becoming the industry's first supplier of copper chips, Big Blue shipped its two millionth copper chip. Since becoming the first company to introduce silicon germanium chip-making technology into volume manufacturing in October 1998, IBM has shipped 5 million SiGe chips, and now expects to ship an average of 5 million per month. IBM has also grown its custom-logic business by more than 75 percent. And according to 1999 marketshare figures from market-research firm Dataquest, IBM has now replaced Lucent as the number one worldwide supplier of ASIC chips.

This represents a remarkable turnaround for IBM, according to Will Strauss, principal analyst and president of Forward Concepts.

'When IBM got into the chip business, in some ways they got lost because their biggest customer was IBM, and they only had to make one customer happy,' Strauss says. 'By choosing to sell their technology outside of the company, IBM has actually altered their corporate culture. And John Kelly's approach highlights this new way. Kelly brings a new kind of accessibility to the outside world.'

Kelly counts meeting with customers and analysts as one of the most significant and enjoyable parts of his job. 'I spend nearly half my time with customers,' Kelly says. 'And I'm involved in technical decisions. Actually, right before our interview I met with a top-tier computer maker, and we changed the design on our next processor based on something this customer wanted the computer to do. We did it on the fly, and now it's done. In this business, you can never be fast enough.'

 Why Mr. Kelly?    [Image]

                        The Dead Want Justice

We contacted Mr. Kelly and we are waiting for his response.

Why did Kelly do what he did?...The old story power and money...

look at his stock holdings now

KELLY, JOHN E. III: Declared Holdings

Company/Relationship Reported Shares Ownership


Senior Vice President


(historical quotes, profile, SEC, other insiders) 1-Feb-06 50,756 Direct

Insider & restricted shareholder transactions reported over the last two years

Date Shares Stock Transaction ADVERTISEMENT

1-Feb-06 4,753 IBM Disposition (Non Open Market) at $81.445 per share.

(Value of $387,108)

1-Feb-06 13,567 IBM Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.

31-Jan-06 2,000 IBM Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.

11-Feb-05 5,446 IBM Disposition (Non Open Market) at $93.235 per share.

(Value of $507,757)

11-Feb-05 12,500 IBM Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.

1-Feb-05 3,260 IBM Disposition (Non Open Market) at $93.70 per share.

(Value of $305,462)

1-Feb-05 9,320 IBM Acquisition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.

25-Oct-04 18,490 IBM Option Exercise at $51.155 per share.

(Cost of $945,855)

25-Oct-04 17,024 IBM Sale at $87.75 per share.

(Proceeds of $1,493,856)

25-Oct-04 1,000 IBM Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share.


EDGAR Online: Get a Free Trial to EDGAR Online Premium | Full text Search

An Addendum 2006

As of December 24, 2006 we received no response from Dr. Kelly

Mr. Kelly please remember when it comes to murder their is no statute of limitation. Even your position in IBM or its "sheep dipping capabilities" will not help you!  Not even your position as senior vice president of IBM makes you immune. Nor all the lawyers and contractors you are capable of hiring can change what you have done.

Last month we wrote the City of Kingston Fire Department for a copy of the fire investigation of 65 West Chestnut St. There is an ongoing criminal investigation.

A document hoped to be destroyed in the arsoning.... Well, here is the first contract that NYS agreed to sell Moshe Lubin's patents to BBE.

Here is the resulting contract when IBM  pushed NYS, under Kelly's influence to exclude BBE from building the stepper:

And finally it is a matter of public record, that even when we were going to sign this contract, we were told by Charles Gargano via Anita Larmont ....for the good of the state  and the state did not want to sell this intellectual property to BBE ... and  BBE should leave New York.

There was no good reason not to sell these documents to BBE....An investment banking firm covertly contacted the state (Garry Ryan) -- also a state assemblyman and they confirmed the (Kelly/Gerstner)-IBM pressure on NYS not to deal with BBE.

Here are just seven endorsements requesting NYS to honor the first contract.  I know Governor Pataki and his staff wanted to honor this contract but Gerstner-Kelly used IBM's size to pressure the state.  

Ambassador Gargano initial response

The late Mayor of Kingston


Hon. Phil Sinagra

Assemblyman Guerin (just elected to the Assenbly --with no stationary yet)

The late Senator Charles Cook

Congressman Maurice Hinchey

Senator Joe Bruno - Majority leader of the NYS Senate

Concerning our stepper we had technical endorsements from the synchrotron source at Brookhaven National Laboratory etc.

One of the investors of Hampshire Instruments was Venrock.  This is the Rockefeller venture capital firm.  They lost over $25,000,000.00 in their Hampshire investment.  BBE offered Venrock 200,000  shares for one dollar.  In the true form of the Rockefeller philosophy they told BBE to give these shares to its employees while they took their investment loss with graciousness.

Letter from David Hatheway, General Partner

All the documents did not burn as you (Kelly) wanted them too.

Dr. Kelly if what I wrote were false then you would have sued me. But if what I wrote were true then you would remain silent so Pandora's box would not open and you would hope that I would be discredited or this information would disappear or Vince Lodato would be dead.


The question is:

Will IBM still harbor and protect the architect of Joan LoDato's murder via the arsoning of Vince LoDato's home? Remember John you are just an IBM employee who misused your position at IBM just to climb the IBM ladder.

Addendum 2007

Hampshire Patents and the Economic Development Corporation of NY and

"Garry" Ryan their Vice President --- Gerstner's fear made him listen to Kelly.t

Here is some more information. When I was initially doing my investigation and made some posting on the web. I was contacted by Don Stacey and Hank Amsdem. They wanted to meet me and interview me about what happened to BBE.

So we arranged a meeting in a small town in Mass .-- Don and Hank drilled me and asked to record our interview. They were very exacting and complete. After about 4 hours of questioning we went out to lunch and parted our ways. They were tough but honest -- and I liked that.

Don is a lawyer, investment banker, and founder of a billion dollar investment banking house in Boston  -- Stonebridge Associates. After the interview I asked Don to write a letter to the EDC and in particular "Garry" Ryan -- this is the same "Garry" Ryan of FBI fame ( see notes below) -- and the $1.5 million dollar legal bribe incident.

Don asked "Garry" what happened to the Hampshire portfolio of patents and technical documents. Don also wrote a letter requesting interest in purchasing the Hampshire portfolio, and if the State would sell it to his firm. Here is the response he got from "Garry" Ryan.  He (Ryan) sent this letter on June 22, 2000.   Mr Ryan said the edc wanted to sell them and provided him with a list of all the documents. I have also included a copy of the patents  and there were over 120 pages of document list....that is thousand and thousands of reports.  (Remember they spent $120,000.000 all the investors).

The Ryan's letter to Stonebridge wanting to sell Hampshire's assets

The patent list sent:

A page of the document list -- over 100 pages

 Don gave me the above letter -- the patent list, and the document lists.   The reader should remember the State was going to sell these papers to BBE, and now it is 5 years later and the State still had them...paying tens of thousad of dollars for patent fees....Don gave me the documents.

 How would it look for Gerstner if a small company made jobs in Kingston NY --- when IBM  under the leadership of Louis Gerstner , the past CEO, just closed down 4000 jobs in Kingston NY.  How would it look for Kelly if a small company succeeded in what he has failed to do...and even to this day -- he is failing.  See the two articles posted below.

The Busniess Journal article

On January 17 2007, Eileen and I wrote Mr. Palmisano the present CEO of IBM. Here is the letter. We have the return receipt from the post office so IBM has our letter.

Here is another copy of the same letter above

Mr. Samuel J. Palmisano

Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM

1 New Orchard Rd.

Armonk, New York 10504-1783

January 7, 2007

Dear Mr. Palmisano,

Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Vincent A. LoDato and Eileen D. LoDato the past principals of the Bizzy Bee Equipment Inc. (BBE).

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the injustices that BBE, Vincent and Eileen experienced under the IBM’s leadership of Louis Gerstner and John E. Kelly III, IBM‘s past CEO and IBM’s present Senior Vice President for Intellectual Property.

This scenario is quite involved. Thus in order for you to understand fully our complaint, I refer you to the page on the web at:


in particular, the first section of the second part of my investigation which focuses on John E. Kelly III. This is my conclusion of why these events happened. In a nutshell and at the time, IBM via (the influence of Kelly/Gerstner),


strong armed and influenced the State of New York from selling the Hampshire patent portfolio and its intellectual property to BBE, thus precipitating the events outlined on the web concerning BBE and the LoDato family. I have spent over eight years of my life investigating these sequence of events, and everything leads back to John E. Kelly III as the architect of BBE’s demise, the arson of our home, and the death of Joan LoDato.

We do have a solution how Justice can be served, and the above matter put to rest. We hope to hear from you concerning this matter.

Very truly yours,

Eileen D. LoDato                                                                                                                  Vincent A. LoDato

CC. President George W. Bush

Governor Eliot L. Spitzer

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo

New York State Senator Joseph L. Bruno

LTG. Keith B. Alexander, USA

To this date we have not heard back from Mr Palmisano.

 It is March 12, 2007.

It is now April 7, 2007  

and still no answer from IBM. The IBM spokeman said they have the above letter, and apparently Mr. Palmisano is aware of the above letter and that IBM was not going to answer the letter and remain mute.

This contact was made from a cell phone (845 532 9796) on April 5, 2007 in the afternoon of that day.

Now - June 10, 2007

Mr. Palmisano -- "Vincit omnia veritas."


I have no fear. Why because "FEAR" is False Evidence Appearing Real"

Mr.  Sam Palmisano present CEO of IBM

Finally this not about money but truth and justice. I am after truth and justice not money.

Mr. Palmisano, don't you think, "You should walk the walk and just talk to Vince that's me? Forget about lawyers and just talk man to man."

I am sure if Mr. Watson was alive he would do it.  He had the "open door" policy.  That was one of their policies that made IBM great. Mr Palmisano by uncovering the truth in this matter, no matter what it is, will show that besides being the CEO of IBM, you are a man who cares about IBM, its employees, and above all allowing truth to pervail. (You are a Baltimore boy, football player, a sax player, a family man, Scilian heritage, hard worker, gave some of his bonus back to the employees -- and I think you care allot about IBM its not just money and power -- so here we are talking about murder, high tech and just some foolish decisions by an IBMer -- Please respond to the Lodato Family  -- Please)

Well from Vince   on earth

Well from Joan   in Heaven

we wish the Internet audience

Happy Easter  2007

and may

God bless you "all"!

Finally BBE's  technology is at present far superior to any technology being developed as of this date...Far superior to ASML (micrascan, twinscan, whateverscan-- the old Perkin Elmer address now ASML - (ASML Wilton 77 Danbury Road  Wilton, CT 06897 U.S.A. tel: +1 203 761 4000 fax: 1 03 761 6307), SAL /JMAR AND THE ALBANY GROUP( NYS WAS PRESSURED AND DUPED BY SENIOR IBM MANAGEMENT) . BBE's technology is 15 years ahead of its time starting from 2006.

We should have had a chance...Vince

Why did I make the above comment - that BBE's Technology is 15 years ahead of all the above technology?  First we know that ASML technology has its roots in SVGL (by the way the Gerstner's IBM owned part of SVGL) and SVGL has its technology in the old Perkin Elmer -- in fact, ASML is the old PE in Wilton Ct.  Concerning SAL/ JMAR - well just ask O'Hara of NSA and check the JMAR bulletin board on Yahoo then read the posts under the "thegoldenowl". The Albany group is basically the University of NY at Albany - training young engineers in this field- and I think it's great but too bad they don't have the "revolutionary technology of BBE" to work with rather than the "evolutionary technology that is doomed to failure of ASML SAL/JMAR.  We wont get into it here because we're discussing the murder of Joan LoDato. And putting the focus on John E. Kelly lll.

Well, I just went to check on JMAR on Yahoo finanical  (July 12, 2007) --  they are just about out of business- 23 to 50 cents a share. This is the group that had Lubin's work and claimed it for themselves! (They never knew what they were doing -- they just had "friends in high places like O'Hara of NSA.")  I hope Mr. Palmisano doesn't allow Kelly to take IBM down by false promises and incorrect technical directions.)  Remember the "BRIC" countries are coming up fast in MEMS technology that will rely on proximity lithography in the next 5 to 10 years.

Milestones in Optical Lithography Tool Suppliers

Chris Mack

www.lithoguru.com© 2005 by Chris A. Mack


Page 13

Perkin-Elmer/SVG Lithography (1)• 1973 – P-E introduces the Micralign projection scanner, developed from an early Air Force research contract. Eventually, over 2000 Micralign machines will be sold. In 1979, the Micraligns sold for $170K.• 1977 – P-E sues Cobilt over Micralign patent violations. They settle in 1984 with an $18M payment from Computervision, Cobilt’s original parent (Cobilt division was bought by Applied Materials in 1981??).• 1981 – P-E announces the Micralign 500 (list price $675K, versus $300K for the Micralign 300), with a throughput of 100 wafers per hour.• 1984 – May, P-E acquires Censor, a Liechtenstein stepper company specializing in h-line tools.


Page 14

Perkin-Elmer/SVG Lithography (2)• 1989 – April, P-E announces it will withdraw from the semiconductor equipment business.• 1989 – P-E spins off it’s electron beam lithography division as Etec, with investment from IBM and five other companies (completed in March 1990).• 1990 – PE’s lithography business acquired by Silicon Valley Group ($20M to take a 2/3 ownership), with financial investment from IBM for about 15%. Talks between P-E and Nikon in late 1989 pushed IBM’s involvement.• 1990-1993 – SEMATECH spends about $30M to help SVGL develop the Micrascan.• 1990 –The Micrascan, the industry’s first step-and-scan tool, is introduced.• 1992 – June, the Micrascan II is introduced.


Page 15

Perkin-Elmer/SVG Lithography (3)• 1993 – Enters into discussion with Canon to share step-and-scan technology. Talks end a year later after pressure from US Government not to allow the transfer of technology to Japan.•

 The Gerstner/Kelly/SVGL/ASML 2000 – Oct., ASML announces intent to acquire SVGL for $1.6B. ASML wants catadioptric and CaF technology for 157nm lithography.• 2001 – May, ASML acquires SVG Lithography.

Divests Tinsley Labs by the end of the year to satisfy U.S. security concerns. In Nov. 2001, the Micrascan line of 248nm and 193nm tools is discontinued.

Returning to the issues at hand:

Is the Gerstner's IBM capable of doing criminal acts? And do they have any

history of such acts?

Read "just two" case studies

 1. IBM admits a criminal act pays a 8.5 million dollar fine to USA

2. IBM bribery case in Argentina -- chief witness of Judge Bagnasco found dead. This case goes back to IBM corporate in Armonk NY  

Case 1.  IBM Unit Admits It Made Illegal Sales Computers Sold to Russian Weapons Lab

By Bill Miller Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, August 1, 1998; Page C01

This article just appeared once and on a Saturday-- the slowest news day of the week.

A subsidiary of International Business Machines Corp. pleaded guilty yesterday to federal charges that it illegally sold 17 high-performance computers to a Russian nuclear weapons laboratory in 1996. U.S. officials said that Russia has declined to return the machines. IBM East Europe/Asia Ltd., the Moscow-based subsidiary of IBM, admitted in U.S. District Court here that it failed to obtain licenses from the Commerce Department and that it had prior reason to believe the equipment would be used to design, build or test nuclear weapons. The Moscow subsidiary told IBM headquarters the machines were for oil field research, court papers said. But a Russian national who worked for IBM later personally installed at least 16 of the computers at Arzamas-16, a weapons laboratory run by the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov. F. Amanda DeBusk, the Commerce Department's assistant secretary for export enforcement, said the subsidiary initially sought a license to sell computers to the weapons facility but was turned down. That, in turn, led to an effort to hide the sales through a series of maneuvers in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Russia. "This was a very, very complicated transaction," DeBusk said.  Though the Cold War has ended, the U.S. government continues to restrict foreign sales of computers that might be used in weapons development. High-speed systems such as the RS-6000s that IBM sold can speed up weapons programs by allowing researchers to simulate the likely effects of design changes.

John Pike, a defense analyst for the Federation of American Scientists, said the lab that got the computers is "their equivalent of Los Alamos." Pike said the RS-6000 units it received are powerful, but nowhere near top-of-the-line supercomputers, which he said sell for up to $50 million each. Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric A. Dubelier, who prosecuted the case, said the Russian government so far has refused to return the computers, despite repeated efforts through diplomatic channels. "Any computers are valuable to the Russian laboratory because their computer technology is so far behind that of the United States," Dubelier said. Mikhail Shurgalin, a spokesman for the Russian embassy here, said he understood that discussions were continuing. Russian officials believe they acquired the equipment legally, he said, but are willing to talk about returning it. Authorities said they believed the case marked the first time that IBM or its subsidiaries pleaded guilty to criminal charges. Prosecutors said the parent corporation was not involved in any wrongdoing. Officials with IBM Corp. in New York said they have tightened internal controls abroad. "We regret the involvement of our Russian subsidiary in this case," said Rob Wilson, an IBM spokesman. "IBM will not tolerate any violation of its standards of business conduct. We cooperated fully with the federal government, and we're pleased that this matter has been resolved."

As part of a plea agreement approved by Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson, the company agreed to pay an $8.5 million criminal fine, the maximum allowable, within the next 10 days. In addition, the firm will pay $171,000 in civil penalties levied by the Commerce Department. The plea agreement stemmed from the subsidiary's dealings with Russian firms acting as agents for Arzamas-16. The sales generated $2.1 million of revenue in late 1996 and 1997. Prosecutors said the subsidiary knew that Arzamas-16 was responsible for research involving nuclear explosives when it began negotiating with the lab's agents in early 1995.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company


Buenos Aires, Oct 6 (IPS/Marcela Valente) -- The judge in the case of Marcelo Cattaneo - the entrepreneur involved in the IBM bribe scandal found hanged Sunday - on Tuesday reclassified the process from suicide inquiry to investigation of a suspicious death. For, while the autopsy confirmed Cattaneo died from hanging - thereby ruling out strangulation and posterior suspension - the circumstances surrounding his death are largely unresolved, Judge Maria Gabriela Lanz told Buenos Aires daily "Clarin." Cattaneo was allegedly involved in bribes paid by the IBM computing transnational to government officials here, and his apparent suicide Sunday awoke new suspicions of who is really behind the racket.

The businessman, who disappeared last Tuesday and was found hanged from a radio antenna in a lonely spot alongside the River Plate at the weekend, had twice been accused in court of being the IBM frontman. He had not stood trial, but legislators investigating the fraud -- ruling party and opposition alike - said he appeared to be terrified and had been receiving threats. He apparently left a list of questions to guide investigators of the bribery case, by way of a suicide note.

The two officials who fingered him as the "paymaster" are former directors of Argentine Banco de la Nacion.In 1994, this state bank contracted IBM to install the computer systems in 525 branch offices - a $250 million contract. Some 37 million of this is estimated to have been spent on bribes. The illegal payment was made through a subcontracted company, CCR-Consad, responsible for providing an alternative system. Cattaneo was director general of this company at the time, although he was cleared of involvement. More recently, Judge Adolfo Bagnasco had been looking into the possibility of a retrial - even though Cattaneo's responsibility in the company was technical rather than administrative. The person who had actualy worked on advancing the contract was his brother, a former government official close to the President.  

When news of the dodgy deal first broke, it was reported that IBM had paid Consad $12 million which they had passed on to suppliers later proven to be either dead or bankrupt and therefore non-existent to all intents and purposes. Then eight million dollars were discovered in foreign bank accounts.

Deputy Carlos Soria, of the ruling Justicialist Party said Cattaneo had appeared worried when asked to testify before the commission investigating the scandal. "We saw he was scared. He said he was being threatened, that they were following him and that they had tried to abduct one of his children from school," said Soria. Meanwhile, Deputy Guillermo Franco, from the centre Action for the Republic Party led by former economy minister Domingo Cavallo, expressed his doubts about the supposed suicide. Franco said Cattaneo had a lot of key information for the inquiry knowing about the business deals even though he declared himself uninvolved in the fraudulent affairs.

His friends and family classed the suicide as an absurdity. Cattaneo was not depressed and that he had denied accusations he had told the former bank directors IBM wanted to recognise their help in closing the deal offering them "a little happiness" - Buenos Aires slang for a bribe.

The brother of the deceased, Juan Carlos Cattaneo formerly held the post of undersecretary to current secretary general of the Presidency, Alberto Kohan. Interior minister, Carlos Corach, said the police were trying to clarify the circumstances surrounding Marcelo Cattaneo's death. "We are concerned the public should be given a clear picture of the circumstances of this death," he said. Cattaneo's suicide appeared all the more suspicious as it is not the first to occur within the framework of a corruption case a touch too close to the Argentine rulers. In May, another businessman, Alfredo Yabran - on the run after murdering a journalist - supposedly killed himself. Yabran owned postal and security operations, and was allegedly involved in illegal dealings with the State. Then Horacio Estrada, a retired military man testifying in an illegal arms trafficking case with Ecuador and Croatia, did the same in August. In the case between IBM and the Banco Nacion, the government not only faces the accusations against state bank directors, but suspicions about Kohan, President Carlos Menem's presidential secretary, due to his proximity to Cattaneo's brother. Juan Carlos Cattaneo is also on trial in the case and, according to what his brother told legislators, he masterminded the deal making full use of his links to Kohan. So far no external signs of violence have been found to suggest Cattaneo was killed first and then suspended, although the police say it is too early to write off any hypothesis. Since the federal courts first began the investigation earlier this year, the judges have been calling for a court appearance from the four IBM directors at the head office in the United States who, according to company executive in Argentina, authorised the operation. But US justice is blocking them from testifying, leaning on a bilateral accord which demands evidence be presented against witnesses in one country before they can be forced to testify in another nation's courts.

July 18, 2007

About  two weeks ago, we made contact via the phone and ask to speak to Mr. Palmisano's office.  This time no one  was available to speak to us and the operator at corporate transferred me to a Mr. Manuel Cabral.  I asked the operator: "what department is Mr. Cabral in?" She said "he was in EXECUTIVE SECURITY". When speaking to Mr. Cabral I ask what he did at IBM -- he was very mute but said I work at IBM. And that is all he would say. He didn't seem to care about Joan's death and spoke like a thug.

Obviously this group protects the IBM executive. Now what do they do?  They hire contractors to protect these folks.  Is the group necessary? -- Absolutely. Anyone in the public eye in a powerful position needs protection.  What else can this group do -- if an executive does something wrong they can protect him -- and if need be: Aid in the hiring of contractors to eradicate the annoyance --- like in the Argentina affair?  (above)--- and the arsoning of LoDato's home and the murder of Joan Lodato?

An email sent to Mr. Manuel Cabral at IBM Corporate --Executive Security

7/9/2007 2:52:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time  From: VLodato To: cabral1@us.ibm.com

Dear Mr. Cabral,

Being in executive security please bring this matter and email to the attention of Mr. Palmisano. We are talking about murder. This is an issue that IBM should not take lightly and be mute. We just want some answers from IBM - plain and simply. Don't you agree as a citizen of the USA when a murder was committed (by the way here is the document) via the arsoning of our home which has it origins in senior IBM management (Mr. John E. Kelly lll) that Mr. Palmisano should be made aware of this?

Vince LoDato


Is Senior Management of IBM capable of ordering the arsoning of LoDato's Home -- where the BBE contract papers were -- and did the senior IBM management have anything to gain by the lose of the contract papers?

????????...Qui Bono...???????

Kelly Today

Dr. John E. Kelly, III        Senior Vice President IBM Research

Copied from  the IBM site July 2007

Full biography as of July 2007

In July of 2007, Dr. John E. Kelly III was named the senior vice president of IBM Research. In this job he directs the worldwide operations of IBM’s research laboratories, with 3,200 technical employees in eight sites in five countries around the world, and helps guide IBM’s overall technical strategy. Dr. Kelly’s top priority as head of IBM Research is to stimulate innovation in key areas and quickly bring those innovations into the marketplace to sustain and grow IBM’s existing business, and to create the new businesses of IBM’s future. IBM applies these innovations to help its clients succeed as well as to make positive contributions to the world. Dr. Kelly also leads IBM’s worldwide intellectual property business as well as the company’s open source and open standards strategies and practices. In 2005, Dr. Kelly was senior vice president of Technology and Intellectual Property, responsible for IBM’s technical and innovation strategies. Dr. Kelly first became an IBM senior vice president in 2000 when he was appointed group executive for IBM’s Technology Group, where he was responsible for developing, manufacturing and marketing IBM’s microelectronics technologies, products and services.

In 1995, he was named vice president of systems, technology and science for the IBM Research Division. In this role, Dr. Kelly was responsible for the company’s most advanced research activities. The following year, he was named vice president of strategy, technology and operations for the Microelectronics Division. In 1997, he was appointed vice president of server development (from work stations to supercomputers) for IBM. In January of 1999, he was appointed general manager of IBM’s Microelectronics Division, a position he held until August 2000.

Dr. Kelly joined IBM in 1980. Between 1980 and 1990, he held numerous management and technical positions related to the development and manufacturing of IBM’s advanced semiconductor technologies. In 1990, he was named director of IBM’s Semiconductor Research and Development Center. In 1994, he was appointed vice president of business process reengineering for the Microelectronics Division.

Dr. Kelly received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Union College in 1976. He received a Master of Science degree in physics from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1978 and his Doctorate in materials engineering from RPI in 1980. In 2004, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from The Graduate School at Union College.

Dr. Kelly is on the Board of Governors of The IBM Academy of Technology; a board member and former chairman of the Semiconductor Industry Association; a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and on The Board of Trustees of Union College.

Dr. Kelly ...Joan wants to know "Why" she was murdered

Please tell the Internet Audience

The rest are my notes  ( are not related to my sister's death) but I had to walk this path in order to find the cause of my sister's murder...My notes are convoluted - I did it for a purpose - I did not know the real value of this technology at the time, and this lead me into a very different world -- the world of international power brokering -- but  "the reason" for my sister's death lead back to Mr. Kelly...I wish to thank many good Americans from the CIA, NSA,

FBI, IRS, etc etc...who helped me....Folks we have a great country. Also some very powerful folks too..who tried to correct a wrong. (And some were international power brokers!)

The beginning of the notes.

Picture of Joan Lodato who was murdered via the arsoning of vince lodato's home

number of visits from July 2000

Notes about Dominica and Murders...read the 2004 postscript

In the Caribbean, is the tiny Island of Dominica, not the Dominican Republic. This small island nation was once a territory of England, and only recently was granted soverignity.

The Question is: "Why a secret "private non USA" base in this country?"

This tiny nature island has a small native population. It is located near the equator and between the two continents and is ideally and geographically positioned for satellite communications. Since it has its own soviergnity, it is very difficult for any law enforcement agencies to monitor and/or investigate.

But the most important reason for this base is: There is the trememdous amount of geothermal energy. It has the only Boiling Lake in the world. To run a secret "non USA" Project Echelon base (see an earlier post: Sunday Nov 14,1999 on Project Echelon), it takes allot of energy...and this is an independent renewable energy resource that would attract minimial attention while in continual operation.This type of energy source has been built near an Indian Reseveration for a cost of only $25,000,000...and not used for farming, commerical, industrial or public use.

Last year this has been confirmed by a reliable source from within Dominica the geothermal power plant exists. Also Danny Casolaro, when alive, through a Mr. Nichols in California was made aware of this source. He reported this observation in his notes. Casolaro was going to expose the connections between some unauthorized black projects involving Hughes, (an Octopus company), and the power Elite. He was given this information by a government employee and had hard evidence of who was the head of the Octopus Group..(see Bill Hamilton's post under the quoted above reported post) and shortly after his investigation he was killed.

Dominica has off shore gambling, and off shore banking. You can become a citizen there for a fee of $50,000.00 and enjoy a tax haven. It is a very quite island inhabited mainly by native indians. In the CIA factbook it is listed as a place for farming, relatively quite, but used on the drug routes between the Americas. There is no mention of this geothermal power plant. Finally on this tiny quite island...one will find the nerve center, a secret base, for the information flow of the world...and a "NON USA" Private Project Echelon...being powered by this geothermal energy plant.

Right after the Grenada Crisis, ties were established between the "Power Elite of the USA" and Dominica. This nation gained its independence in 1978. Dominica's Defense group is divided into two segments: the regular police between 500-700 individuals, and a Special Service Unit (SSU) of a few hundred personnel. The SSU was originally privately funded and entrusted with the National Security of Dominica. From time to time these two units have clashed. In the Late 1980's Dominica's Government passed the State Security Act giving the SSU "Broad Powers" supposedly for preserving National Security. The interesting part of the SSU, is that Mr. Nichols, an American, was the first head of the SSU and well connected with the Octopus Group. This is the same Mr. Nichols who gave Casolaro the information about the geothermal power plant in Dominica. As of this posting the SSU is alive and well in Dominica, and so is the power plant.

Project Echelon is a multinational government venture between the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The purpose is to be able to gather ALL information and process it via using computers, satellites, and all telecommunication equipment. France has tried to build their own system, and CHINA has one now. We can understand the reason why countries desire such a system...to protect their soveignity. Danny Casolaro found out that Project ECHELON was going private, and that a listening post, an underground base, was set up on the tiny Island of Dominica. The builders of such a system included the "OCTOPUS COMPANIES" plus the power Elite of the world. (See an earlier post about the Octopus companies.) In the new millenium, it is the direction of control of information that will rule the world...this is accomplished by the "NEW" Private (non USA) Echelon Project, and one of the KEY locations exist on the Island of Dominica.

This last bit of information cost him his life, and in an indirect manner it cost the lives of Dr. Moshe Lubin of Hampshire Instrument, and was instrumental in the murder of Joan LoDato, the brother of one of the principals of BBE.

Danny Casolaro started on Inslaw. The last thing before his death, he was investigating the project on the Island of Dominica, and relating it to the in New York, and was a past Treasury Secretary. Vince, you are right about Echelon. The late Senator Church, head of the US Senate Intelligence Committee Octopus companies, and some people in Colorado, California, and good old New York City -- the finanical district. Danny believed the leader lived worried about its makers (the Octopus companies) taking it private. The Senator was right and so are you!

We reported earlier of a secret base on the Island of Dominica, that is a NON USA GOVERNMENT facility. Some of the people who are aware of this base are the leaders of the octopus companies such as: Dr Armstrong the present ceo of AT&T, Louis Gerstner, the CEO of IBM, John Akers, a Partner in Lehmann Brothers. All three are members of the CFR and two are members of the Trilateral Commission. This base is a NWO secret information center (their Project Echelon)

In New York City, the Head of the Octopus, that Danny Casolero discovered was Douglas Dillon, past Secretary of the US Treasury and past Ambassador to France ....he was intimiately related to the CFR, IMF, World Bank, knew the Warboug's quite well, and has a very long association with the Rockefeller Family, etc. Mr. Dillon was the tie between the USA "Power Elite" and the European "Power Elite". He knew about Project Echelon and the multinational relations between the respective countries. He was the major "finanical architect" for bringing this project "private." The late Senator Church, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned the Congress about the potential of Echelon going private, and the effect on the National Security of the USA, namely the loss of constitutional rights.

The plan is to control the information flow, introduce a global smart card for all, and control all the global finances via the privatization of Project Echelon by its builders, these multinational high technology corporations headed by the "Power Elite." In an earlier post the major Octopus companies are identified on the RMN board. Ask Raye, for more information about these companies. She can help you.  In concluding, this is what lead Danny Casolaro all over the world from P2, to England, to all the major banks, etc, etc. He started this with Inslaw and uncovered this gigantic finanical global power plan.

The NSA intercepted some messages that linked the Octopus companies and Mr. Dillon. A whistlerblower in the NSA who saw that the Constitution of the USA was, and still is, in grave danger by these so called protectors of the USA way of life gave Danny hard evidence of linking Dillon, the Octopus companies, and the secret Dominica base. The whistleblower feared that this information would be squelched by the small but effective Octopus cabal agents within certain areas of the NSA and this would not get into appropriate hands within the NSA. Hence his communications with Danny Casolaro was to insure that the US Congress had this hard evidence. Senator Byrd's staff was aware of this before Danny died. Octopus agents were dispersed and you know the rest. Finally Ambassador Dillon, I believe is still alive, lives in NYC, and in his 90's.

IBM has sold and continues to sell supercomputers to the PRC that are linked with the PRC's bases throughout the world. Two such locations are the missile tracking and Echelon stations in Kiribati and Guinea. The island nation of Kiribati is composed of three groups; the Gilbert Islands, Line Islands and Phoenix Island. They received their independence from the UK in 1979. On the Gilbert Islands, the PRC has a tracking station for ICBM monitoring. This station is located near the equator and most likely acts as a listening post for the chinese Echelon project.

IBM's super computer technology is critical for these stations. In the recent past the US Government awarded a hugh National Laboratory supercomputer technology contract to IBM, while at the same time IBM tired to destroy Cray Technology, an american company--the inventors of the supercomputer. Some of this technology was used in the super computers sold to the PRC by IBM.

In West Africa in Guinea, formerly known as French Guinea, there is a very heavy PRC chinese contingency at this young nation. In the comparison of this country with the island nation of Dominica there are striking similarities. (On Dominica there is/or was/ a secret "private" Echelon Project --see a much lower post in early Nov. 1999). It was confirmed by a source in the Washington DC area, that there is a PRC monitoring base for the guidance of ICBM and the Chinese Project Echelon. With these facts, IBM continues to sell the latest super computers to the PRC, just for the GREEN, and forgot about the Red, White and Blue. But IBM takes the GREEN from the Red, White and Blue.

The lobbying efforts of IBM at NSA, the Congress, and in the White House through Podesta Associates is extraordinary.It is quite obvious that IBM must have made some deals to circumvent the sale of supercomputer technology to the PRC--even in light of these secret bases.

Just to demonstrate the foolishness of IBM/NSA scenario. If the back door is there on these supercomputers, then the chinese can perform modifications whereby selected data that was spied upon will "returns spurious information".So Echelon can become "highly ineffective" in communicating information to the USA policy makers. Remember this information is transferred indirectly to the Congress and the Administration. If we go a step further, since the DoD is using this information for tactical and strategic planning it is devasting to the Security of the USA. If there are back doors then the effect Echelon coupled with the IBM's supercomputer sales is the best offensive weapon system the PRC possesses against the USA.

The chinese understand IBM great need to sell; IBM has a hold via lobbying on NSA; and NSA's Echelon is an integral part of our intelligence community; therefore the chinese penetrated the inner secrets of the USA via this avenue. If this is in the Cox report then it should be PUBLIC and an open debate occur in the Congress. This will aid immensely for world security. However if IBM/NSA has no back door on these supercomputers, and since these supercomputers are used directly against the USA, then at present, and for the time being, all supercomputer of this type (IBM's RS6000 series etc) should be banned for sale to the PRC. We can sell the chinese many many other commodities, develop a great relationship with them, and over some time possibly change---but not now.

Echelon, Casolaro & "Murder"

Posted By: vince <vlodato@aol.com>

Date: Sunday, 16 January 2000, at 12:56 p.m.

The death of Danny Casolaro can easily be solved. According to Danny Casolero's notes, the information he received from a former NSA employee, and a Robert Booth Nicholls of LA California is that Project Echelon went private and had a secret base on the island of Dominica with a $25,000,000 geothermal power plant to power this complex--see a lower post on RMN. If this is true, then the reason for his murder stems from the NSA/octopus companies--IBM, ATT, LOR, Gm H, LMT and LEH (see another Post below). These facts can easily be checked out and leave no room for the simplest conjecture. Either it is, or it isn't about the secret non USA Echelon base on the Island of Dominica.

If it is, then the Douglas Dillon connection is very real; and the Congress should immediately start an "OPEN" investigation and let all the cards fall publically. If this information is ignored by any Agency, then their is fear of retaliation from this Octopus group that also killed Moshe Lubin and Joan LoDato. (See the lower posts on Hampshire Instruments and BBE respectively on RMN.)

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Don -- Sunday, 16 January 2000, at 7:43 p.m

The Octopus companies use the Echelon Project by data mining and collecting economic information about their competitors large or small.

As an example Rayethon and SCR-Thompson were both bidding on a contract from Brazil. ATT with the help of Echelon intercepted some information concerning the SCR-Thompson communication with Brazil's government. Based on this information Rayethon had the competive edge and it won the contract with the help of Echelon.

Remember the four companies IBM, ATT, LOR, and LMT are major contractors for NSA. If you doubt this just write the NSA under the FOIA and ask.NSA is a great agency provided it works within it charter; but the tapping of information by these companies is an outright scandal and illegal.

Recently on the message board the Octopus Group was mentioned. The goal of this group is to control the transport of information for the next century. By so doing, this group will be the most powerful group in the world. Lehmann Bro will be their investment banker...IBM will make the key chips and computers for the information age...AT&T will be the leading communications company-- fiber optics etc....Loral will be the leading satellite company in the world...Lockheed- Martin will be the leading defense contractor and control the information technology for global defense...General Motors through its electronic subs and its sheer size is the sixth company....in a previous communication there net assets, sales and profits were reported. There combined assets are over $0.5trillion dollars...with profits of $21B/yr (in 1997). These six companies overtly control the US government. Consider the following facts: LMT is the largest federal contractor.  GM is the fourth largest federal contractor. ATT is the 20 th largest contractor. IBM is 44 th largest contractor.

However for Information Technology for US Government contracts their ranking are LMT (1); GM..(3); ATT...(4); IBM...(18)

Collectively these four companies control information technology for the US government. This means the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ, etc are at their mercy and they are at present.

Loral is a company incorporated in Bermuda with questionable ties and holds sensitive electronic communication technology relating NSA etc. THE INSLAW CASE-- Danny Casolaro tied these six companies to organized crime either the Gambino or Genevese crime family where their monies and God know who else monies, probably drug money was funneled into these companies....the yukuza had ties with Lockheed well documented, and the IBM company has been in Japan for nearly 50 years...also check out..... each of these companies has had their stocks have swings over 100% in the last three years.....the ONLY WAY THESE STOCKS can double and triple in sales is-- if they control the INFORMATION AGE....

Concluding on the Octopus companies and repeating some of the above:

Consider LOR, it's on the NYSE. Check the company out. It is incorporated in Bermuda. Why is a $2 billion dollar American company that handles ultra secret projects incorporated in a foreign country? Back in the 1970, LOR had a big scandal and mob connections. Recently their is the problem of Bernie Schwartz, the CEO of LOR, and his contributions to the present Administration.

LMT when it was just Lockheed back in the 1970's had ties with the Yakuza. I know this is old information, but it shows these companies will and have dealt with anyone.

IBM corporation is a convicted felon as of last year. Yes felon, for selling supercomputers to Russia. I assure you if you tried to do such a thing you would be in jail and they would throw away the key. But IBM just got a $8.5M fine and all was hush hush.

GmH and LOR just had a big investigation for selling missile technology to the chinese.

So in conclusion I would not worry about the NSA per se, but I am very concerned of the misuse of Project Echelon by these octopus companies. This could only occur if there are some bad apples in NSA. This may be a hard pill for some to take, but years ago when I consulted for the GAO on certain projects I use to say, "I found out that motherhood was prostitution."Dominica is real. The private Project Echelon is real. These companies are real IBM, LOR, LMT and GmH.

Finally the concerns of the late Senator Church is real. Who are watching the contractors of Project Echelon? Remember Casolero and Standorf tried to alert the Congress and it ended in their death via murder.

Alan Standorf worked for the NSA/NRO. Through geographic pictures taken by satellites of the tiny island nation of Dominica the construction of the secret private echelon base may have been spotted. At first it may have been taken as a foreign base by some government say the chinese. But upon further investigation, Alan Standorf found it was the Octopus alliance of USA companies. As the hard information was collected, it had to be released first to the Congress, and then the Congress would release it to the public. This was based on the gravity and nature what was found. Danny Casolaro was chosen by Alan Standorf. Unfortunately, the boys had to stop them. and you know the rest...check lower posts

In the NWO (or whatever you want to call this cabal), the Power Elite... the plan is the control of information. They realize if this could be accomplished they can rule the world and they really believe they know what's best for all of us. Since part of the plan are private control centers like in Dominica...which exits today, ...and men like Douglas Dillon who is passing on his powers to men like Louis Gerstner (IBM), Mike Armstrong (ATT), and John Akers (LEH) who are all members of the CFR. The latter three have their professional growth from IBM.

The main plan calls for E- money, smart cards, bigger and faster supercomputers for the control and monitoring the "global" information flow, and super super chips in satellites needed for the private Echelon Project. This all spells the need for chips with design rules down to 0.2 to 0.05 microns, or simple put, ultra high density chips with billion and billions of more microelectronic components and finer interconnecting wires.

This chip manufacturing process takes of the order of 800 to 1400 manufacturing steps and a host of tools. However there is one draw back--the "manufacturing type" lithography tool is not made. Also the light source needed for this tool requires wavelengths of light less than the feature size of the components..lets say for a wire 0.05 microns in width, one must use an x-ray light source with an alignment tool called a step and repeat tool. Hampshire Instrument was going to solve this problem and make a COST EFFECTIVE MANUFACTURING tool.

Hampshire Instruments

Hence Hampshire Instruments and Dr. Moshe Lubin (the founder) came on the scene in the 1980's. Lubin built the x-ray light source but used an old step and repeat tool. He was funded by Harvard University for $50,000,000, Venrock $25,000,000 (the venture capital group for the Rockefeller) and another $25,000,000 from a group in California, and finally with a $20,000,000 loan from NYS.

Over a ten year period Lubin built several versions of this tool. In the final version of this tool he was promised more money from "The Boys". When he was just about done, they pulled his funding, bankrupt the company and allowed NYS to own the patents; all the Boys from IBM, ATT, NSA (that's John O'Hara group...Dr O'Hara was the number 2 man in NSA, their chief Scientist)...all effectively stole Lubins work. Lubin tried to bring back his company by getting other sources of funding. However before he could accomplish this, they found him dead. They say he hung himself in his basement.

I have known Lubin for over 30 years, not as a friend but a colleague. He graduated from Cornell with a PHD, started the high energy laser lab at the University of Rochester, was one of the Rockefeller groups favorite young scientist etc...worked has a VP for them at an oil company...and then founded Hampshire Instruments...after much investigation I believe he did not hang himself but was murdered.

Why was he murdered?? He was going to get funded outside the Group, this threaten their plans. This x-ray lithography tool was really going to go public. They would not control the tool. Hence the chip manufacturing process, hence the control of the information flow....and men like Dillon, Gerstner, Armstrong, O'Hara, etc etc etc would fail. and the global economy that they dreamed of controlling would not exist. So Lubin had to go. They were either directly or indirectly responsible for his murder. "The ends do not justify the means."

The next company to come on the scene is my company Bizzy Bee Equipment (BBE)...we tried to pick up where Lubin left off...

Bizzy Bee Equipment Corporation (BBE)

BBE was a company that had the capabilities to make a step and repeat tool for these ultra high density chips. When Hampshire went under, BBE had the opportunity to purchase the patent portfolio of Hampshire. With BBE assets (see lower note) and Hampshire's patent, an american success story would have been told. But the Octopus via IBM had something more in store for BBE. Under the leadership of Gerstner and Akers, its present and past CEO, IBM destroyed the company.

During Aker's tenure of CEO of IBM. IBM criminally violated the Lanan Act with a government contract that it was administering for a synchrotron stepper. It awarded the contract to SVGL--a company that it partially owned at the time. Also IBM refused to accept the BBE proposal for bid---Federal law say you can not sole source a contract over $20,000,000. BBE ask for "no special options" or considerations but just wanted to submit its bid for $7,000,000. Mr Jamba of IBM said the company would not accept the PROPOSAL  even though BBE want give them their proposal.  Hence IBM violated the Lana act...The eminent NYS jurist Aaron Klein was involved in all these proceeding with IBM and DARPA....and concluded...this situation stinks.

 BBE did not have the monies to pursue further legal action. So it bit the bullet and went on for private funds. By the way if IBM took BBE's proposal and just informed BBE that it was not the winner, they would have been "within the law".

A Simple Task!

 However a trail would have been left....and they very well knew that could not forefill the making of a manufacturing X-RAY PROXIMITY stepper with a 40 wafer throughput for  the $20,000,000 Naval Systems Contract. If they  (IBM) accepted the BBE proposal,  then IBM knew BBE would be on record, and if they (IBM) failed (and they did--two years later), then BBE could question IBM's decision  (as prime Government contract) to give this contract to SVGL- a company that failed to produce one in the past and a company that IBM had  partial ownership. So the IBM management refused in"writing" to take BBE's Proposal, knowing that they were breaking the law, and BBE was legally helpless. (It was like taking candy from a baby.)

BBE was excluded from biding--since it was an INSIDE CONTRACT. (There were only four other companies that bid on the contract and BBE was to be the fifth.) 

The Next IBM Incident Against BBE

After some time, BBE tried to acquire the intellectual property of Hampshire Instruments. Now under the leadership of a new CEO of IBM, Louis Gerstner, IBM directly tried to stop the sale of Hampshire Instrument's intellectual property to BBE.  Hampshire went bankrupt and BBE had means and NYS agreed to sell this property to BBE .

IBM heard that BBE wanted to buy this intellectual property. It  (IBM) lobbied the NYS government and when NYS refused to honor their contract for the sale of Hampshire's patents to BBE. which  we repeat occurred because of IBM's lobbying pressure on the Government of NYS a new IBM strategy came into being.

A plan to destroy BBE was devised via the falsification of  the sale of the Hampshire documents: First Vince Lodato was offered a bribe to stop pursuing the Hampshire patents via $1,500,000 (for six months consulting  job to set up a chip plant in China.) When he refused the bribe and informed  US government officials. This "legal bribe" was offered by the SAME group that falsified the documents for the sale of Hampshire Instruments...again, State and Federal officials were aware of all these actions.

Since the patents of Hampshire Instruments were owned by the State of New York because they, Hampshire Inc, owed the State several million dollars via loans (the State owned the 50 or so patents based on Hampshire's bankruptcy).

A Note What BBE Possessed .....and More On the "Legal Bribe"

When Mario Cuomo was Governor of NY, BBE had an option to purchase the remained of the intellectual property of Hampshire Instruments. BBE had contracts to buy the patents from the State of NY and the State would have benefited handsomely..the State abruptly changed their tune...Even when BBE had a $3.4M bond issue from Ulster County in NYS, an option on a unique facility to build the stepper, and the best group of scientists and engineers in the world for the success of this project...and THE REAL POTENTIAL OF JOBS FOR THE HUDSON VALLEY-- DURING THIS TIME AND IN THIS AREA,


No one wanted Lubin's patents (and to this day they are  gathering dust)...No company wanted to buy them they said they were useless... IBM did not want to buy them or any of the other major companies...(how would it look if they did buy them --after Lubin's death???)...so BBE was to only taker, but the State refused to give BBE an option on the patents even after they first agreed to sell them to BBE.

Several New York State elected officials said that the State was pressured by IBM to stop the sale. Nevertheless BBE persisted in its quest. During this time, a group from the Midwest, forged documents for the sale of the patents... (the VP of the Economic Development Corporation of NYS signature - Mr Garry Ryan), thus falsifying the sale of the patents.

When BBE found out about the spurious sale, Vince Lodato contacted the FBI , and  Mr Greg Hautau, a young FBI  agent was given all the documents including a copy of the falsified documents that were faxed to BBE by a third party. Vince Lodato was interviewed by the FBI provided them with hard evidence.  Congressman Hinchey and State officials were also alerted  by Bob Deterick, a VP of BBE and others in BBE. The groups that were alerted included: NY State Senator, Mr William Larkin , the criminal division of the NYS Attorney office, plus the chief attorney for the Economic Development group for NYS-Ms Larmont.

When the FBI completed their investigation, and according to the FBI, the DOJ refused to prosecute..even the young FBI agent was perplexed.They had them with hard documentary evidence, and $40,000 money change for these forged documents...no one did anything in law enforcement...

.WHY????.... WHY????.....WHY????...

Even Governor Pataki's Office was aware of these deeds and had the evidence...nothing done!

.WHY????.... WHY????.....WHY????...

When this occurred, "a signal was sent out" that BBE was up for grabs,.. and anything could happen to it and no one would do anything....so Vince Lodato's home was arsoned, lotted, and my sister murdered.

Also in our last communication (received on Good Friday and before the arsoning - that occured in late spring) , the NY State's Department of Economic Development informed BBE via Ms Anita Larmont that Mr. Charles Gargano, the Economic Czar for NYS, basically informed Vince LoDato & BBE that they were not welcomed in NYS..and should possible consider moving from NYS. (Considering the fact that Vince Lodato is a born New Yorker, Gargano's threats were ignored.) After receiving the letter WE CONTINUED TO REQUEST HELP (VIA communicating in members of the State Senate of NYS)....however to no avail...please click and read

IBM through Louis Gerstner has a tremendous hold on  the NYS government, and IBM was the corporation that influenced the State to stop the sale of the Hampshire patents to BBE For no logical and good reasons.

Correction as of August 17, 2000 we found the reason on the internet for NY state's action.   Also as of this date August 17, 2000 the State of New York still owns the Hampshire's documents and the patents.    Please read the italic it was copied off the internet from





Press Office





Wednesday, April 15, 1998


Site Selection Magazine Recognizes IBM Deal and Empire State Development in Top Ten

Governor George E. Pataki today announced that Site Selection magazine named IBM's $700 million investment in New York State as one of the top ten facility location deals for 1997 in its issue released today that features a photo of the Governor and IBM Chairman and CEO Louis V. Gerstner Jr. on the cover.

In addition, the publication awarded Empire State Development Corporation (ESD), New York's economic development arm, one the country's ten outstanding development groups for 1997.

"New York's historic economic turnaround is front page news," Governor Pataki said.

"IBM's $700 million vote of confidence proves that New York's business climate is ripe for private sector investment. The success of ESD's business-friendly attitude with global leaders like IBM, Corning, Fujitsu and Toshiba is proof-positive that New York's smaller, smarter government encourages private sector confidence, investment and job growth.

"It's also gratifying to note that Fortune magazine in this week's issue also puts New York back at the top with 61 corporate headquarters, more than any other state in the country, making New York State Number 1," the Governor said.

IBM's $700 million deal, announced in November 1997, was a complex agreement spanning two counties -- Dutchess and Westchester -- involving three IBM divisions -- its computer chip fabrication, Credit Corporation and Global Services Center -- as well as the creation of 1,550 new jobs. The chip development plant will be the world's most advanced fabrication facility. The deal signifies the largest, single manufacturing investment in New York State history.

Charles A. Gargano, Chairman of Empire State Development, said, "Governor Pataki's policies have given us the tools to attract new businesses and new growth opportunities to New York. In three years, New York's massive tax cuts and record regulatory and workers' compensation reform have ushered in a flourishing business environment. For the first time in decades, the business community has confidence that New York's economic climate will support their future prosperity."

The magazine based its selection of ESD on a number of factors including the amount of new corporate capital investments, new jobs, as well as value-adding services and programs. New York State led the field with $7.1 billion in capital investments which created 75,000 new private sector jobs.

Site Selection noted that New York's business climate is, ". . . once again opening site seekers' eyes to New York's many location strengths such as a skilled, well-educated work force, an array of research and development resources and access to world-class consumer and business markets."

Site Selection is an industry standard for business relocation and expansion executives. In January the magazine ranked New York State among the top ten states in the country for new and expanded businesses with 809 in 1997.

###     ESD Contact: Maura Gallucci (212) 803-3740

Here is the Laremont letter, we request that the reader  check the dates with the above announcement...Remember BBE wanted to give the state $10,000 and within six months BBE had to give the State $2,500,000 dollars plus royalities etc etc. and Mr Gargano via Anita Laremont told Vince Lodato and BBE that

for the Good of the Corporation (EDSC) and the State they would not deal with BBE.  

A copy of the letter sent to Anita Laremont, after receiving the Gargano letter sent to Vince Lodato telling him to effectively leave the state. This letter was sent to a number of people see the CC and is a summary of all the events with the State of New York.  The State officials were pressured by IBM and others to stop the sale to BBE.


 Anita W. Laremont

Senior Vice President

Legal and General Counsel

Empire State Development Corporation

633 Third Ave

New York, New York                                                                         April 7,1996     

Dear Ms. Laremont,

Thank you for your letter dated April 5, 1996.  On behalf of Bizzy Bee we are sad to see a state corporation act in such a manner when confronted with the truth and the economic health of our great Empire State.  Our past involvement with the officials of the Job Development Authority (JDA) and what is now called the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) concerning the acquisition of the remnants of the technology and equipment of Hampshire Instruments which the State acquired via a default on the loan guarantee and the manner in which BBE has been treated clearly demonstrated that this is not a political issue, i.e. Democratic or Republican but raises very serious concerns has the officials of this part of state government protects and insure the best for New York and its residents.

The Story of BBE and the present ESDC has been documented in the following news articles:

Daily Freeman March 20, 1995

Daily Freeman September 22 1995

Hudson Valley Business Journal May 1 1995

Rochester Business Journal Nov 1, 1995  etc.

Endorsements have come from all the major local and state politicians whether being from Democrats and/or Republicans. Senator Joe Bruno, the Senate majority leader asked the new Governor at the time for the State to "honor the contract", (Letter dated Jan 6, 1995 to Gov. elect Pataki)  The Mayor of Kingston T.R. Gallo, who is a democrat, asked Lee Webb who was from the past democratic administration  to honor the contract. (Letter dated Dec 12 1994 to Lee Webb) Anita our first meeting with you, Garry Ryan, Lee Webb, Bob Dederich of BBE and myself was at your offices in Dec of 1994 where the contract was changed from $125K plus royalties to over $1M. This was your first change. 

Recently when I was in Albany concerning the ESDC-BBE matter I spoke to an attorney in the criminal division of the state Government, she told me to convey the given information to you. I sent it to you and I informed you of an initial FBI probe concerning the Tom Doyle incident and also conveyed this information to senior officials of the ESDC, (the Doyle-ESDC affair) again the ESDC became mute.

The present contract which BBE now has went from 100K plus royalties from Bob Northrop your initial sole sales agent to the present contract for the price of $2.5M and the demand to have all your funds within six months which by the way BBE is prepared to sign and give the State $10K for the Option to Purchase this technology.  You will also recall one of your attorney's misrepresented via the phone "after our meeting in Kingston" that the ESDC was going to sell the laser, but when BBE received the contract it was a lease agreement for the laser.  This stopped the purchase of the Semi Films building and precipitated my letter of Now 1995 to Chairman Garano.  Again later BBE capitulated with regards to your contract of November 1995.  Please excuse me for being redundant with the english grammar, and "again", BBE is willing to sign the last contract, you now say that

you will not deal with BBE for the good of the Corporation and the State

even though you have not sold this technology. (It is costing the State over $100K in outside legal, patent and licensing fees.) and it is growing stale and it is useless without the "original BBE stepper technology".


You, the reader,  knows the ending ...arsoning, looting, murder and no one did anything. This is not national security but selfish security coupled with greed and arrogance of the few and powerful---Gerstner, Akers (IBMERS) and O'Hara (NSA).

Read the O'Hara Letter..he did nothing but knew allot more.


Repeating and Concluding their Final Deeds

When they didn't succeed, it is alleged that IBM through the Wachenhut Corporation  or some other means hired "contractors" and Vince LoDato, one of the founders of BBE, home was arsoned and his sister killed in the fire.

This key principal of BBE had all monies tied up in the BBE fight with IBM. Consequently he had no insurance on this home (during this temporary period); and didn't expect arson to occur; but it occurred, the house was also looted, BBE documents stolen, and BBE destroyed. IBM bought their way out of this one too, just like the hanging (murder in Argentina) with Bank Nacion. When the local police ask Vince, who he thought did this ...The only one that came to his mind was IBM....and even to this day all evidence points to IBM and its leaders.

The reason for IBM's actions is based on the fact, that they desperately need to control this technology--the x-ray lithography tool manufacturing. These are the printing presses for E-money and being transferred to China.

In fact Gerstner transferred some of this technology to China. What deals did he make? We know that Armstrong, a past IBMer, sold out America to China (the missile crisis) when he was CEO of Hughes now CEO of AT&T.

Note on IBM's ceo

The old guard is changing and the new ones are arriving. No matter what one has to say about faction one, the old leaders had "some class" but the new ones well....they're brutal.

Consider Louis Gerstner, the CEO of IBM for seven or so years: During his tenure the following events occurred.

(1) IBM was criminally convicted of selling super computers to the Russians for atomic weapon research. IBM received only a $8.5M fine and it was in the news for only one day.

(2) IBM sold one the largest supercomputer in the world to China via Hong Kong. It is reported to be used in the chinese Eschelon project.

(3)  IBM was caught in bribing and payoffs in a $250M contract with Banco Nacion in Argentina. The trail lead back to IBM Corporate in NY. IBM had a similar incidence in Mexico. IBM bought their way out of it via the political influence and money. Gerstner hired Podesta Associates. The owner of this firm has a brother who is chief of staff to President Clinton. Consequently Gerstner has an in the the White House.

(4) When Companies and individuals get in the way of their plan...they die!!!...Judge Bagnasco witness in Argentina. Other examples the murder of Joan LoDato in Kingston NY.

(5) Under Gerstner leadership IBM set up an Institute to tell governments how to act in the Information Age. Gerstner is a member of the Tri Lateral Commission, the CFR...and a voice in the Bilderbergers.

(6) Under Gerstner leadership, tens of thousands of americans lost their jobs at IBM. These same jobs were and are being transferred to IBM China and IBM India.

(7) Gerstner has a modest salary of only a few million a year. However over his tenure he made over one billion dollars from his stock options.... A poor boy who became rich...and sold his soul and lack of concern for the USA for money...This is an example of the new NWO leaders.


Yes the Casolaro Octopus is well; so is IBM its key company. Gerstner made one billion dollars in stock options over a period of six or so years and some murders too.

Finally my sister is dead and that is real; and she died because of a fire and that is real, and my home was arsoned and that is real, therefore my sister was murdered..via second degree murder and that is real....so this is why I pursue this avenue....the dead cry out for JUSTICE and hopefully as this story unfolds the proper law enforcement agencies will put this all to rest and let JUSTICE prevail.

Mr Gerstner, Mr. Akers & Dr. O'Hara...Joan wants to know "Why" she was murdered

Please tell the Internet Audience

Post Script BBE's final meeting with IBM

Vince LoDato was invited to IBM Endicott by Mrs. Benz, the plant manager of this IBM facility attendance at that meeting was a Mr. Powers, a past IBM manager from East Fishkill IBM, and Mrs. Benz's brother Barry Knight.

At that meeting ... the same proposal was made to IBM as that what was made to O'Hara at NSA. BBE sought to make the stepper with the following conditions.

BBE can make a point source x-ray lithography tool that can process chips with design rules from 0.25 to0.10 microns with a throughput time of 40 wafers per hour for an eight inch wafer, and for a ten inch wafer, 20 wafers per hour with ninety percent uptime. The cost for this system is approximately $20M.

Assuming that BBE can make this tool and deliver it within a 30 month time period, would the IBM company be interested in purchasing it? (Answering yes would make no commitment on IBM's part.) This would not be a best effort contract, but very simply, if we (BBE) cannot produce for you (IBM) this tool which will be delivered on time, within cost and to the agreed specification, then IBM does not have to pay; but however if we (BBE) succeed then you would at least buy one tool.

Please recall, a number of BBE senior management, were retired IBMers and proposed a deal that IBM would not refuse. It would cost them nothing and they need it.

Mrs. Benz response was that IBM was going out of the chip business and had no need for this tool.

Well, years have past and what Mrs. Benz, the plant manager of IBM Endicott said is not true.Yet the principals of BBE still tried to build this tool...until Vince Lodato's home was arsoned and sister murdered.


What Mrs. Benz, a senior IBMer, conveyed was not true. Please recall before this meeting she had ample time to check with Corporate. In fact she had Mr. Powers, a senior IBM manager, involved in chip making at EAST FISHKILL present at the meeting. This was the last meeting of BBE and IBM.

Yet recently it was announce that IBM was building a chip plant in the Hudson Valley at East Fishkill. Here is the announcement in 1997.

".....IBM's $700 million deal, announced in November 1997, was a complex agreement spanning two counties -- Dutchess and Westchester -- involving three IBM divisions -- its computer chip fabrication, Credit Corporation and Global Services Center -- as well as the creation of 1,550 new jobs. The chip development plant will be the world's most advanced fabrication facility. The deal signifies the largest, single manufacturing investment in New York State history....."

In the year 2000, they (Gerstner's IBM) announced more about their chip plant at EAST FISHKILL IBM. Again

Mr Gerstner & Dr. O'Hara...Joan wants to know "Why" she was murdered

Please tell the Internet Audience


As this story unfolds on the Internet..we found from the Yahoo financial board under "IBM Messages" the following which clearly shows how IBM is trying to stop this story from getting out.

Yahoo! Message Boards: IBM

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IBM researcher & top peformer..caught

by: thegoldenowl 01/27/01 08:23 am EST

Msg: 71926 of 71928

"see evidence below:.....Truth ladies and gentleman is very powerful...when you lie it come back to haunt you..take a top IBM programmer who is a cyber tug..and just for money...read what another IBM says about this individual..he is on all day on this site during work hours monday to friday...

The Gerstner's IBM has a series of paid contractors whose sole purpose is to keep information about IBM from getting to the public by causing disruption across key message boards. We have track them from Quicken.com ...to Aol.com ...to Yahoo's message boards.

It all legal but very unfair to the novice Internet user. They (these IBM employees --directly or indirectly) "pump up the stock", sow false rumors so you invest or sell your IBM stock at key times, and try to get rid of people who uncover the devious ways of this NON AMERICAN COMPANY...Gerstner is giving IBM a bad name ...just like Hitler gave Germany a bad image

The IBM cyber thugs are equivalent to the SS in Germany. However their main purpose is to discredit decent people on the web, use foul language like "fuked up"...with a misspelling and to intimidate. They are several people who are paid to do this. IBM when it panics calls in research at Yorktown and tries to hack and track...here is the proof:

socks3.watson.ibm.com - - [25/Jan/2001:03:16:35 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 12052 "-" "Crawl_Application"

socks3.watson.ibm.com - - [25/Jan/2001:03:16:46 -0500] "GET /news.html HTTP/1.1" 200 8532 "-" "Crawl_Application"

More information....Jetskiman=IBM cyber thug according to kikimyboy (From Yahoo finance IBM message board)

"....Re: Professionalism - Funnyman: Talking about professionalism, Jetskiman is a top performer at IBM he work for IBM for 21 years, and I'm a basically nobody. Read all of his argument, name calling, obcent suggestion...etc... after you have finish reading, please tell me if Jetskiman is conduct in professionalizm as IBM expect it top performer do. Thank you for your attention on the matter of professionalism. - by: kikimyboy ..." <jetskiman=jetskiman123>

Finally it is amazing to read the responses of some of the IBM cyber thugs on this site.

Folks, we are talking about murder. Real people are dead. The latest one that has IBM connections is Joan LoDato. The arsoning of a home in Kingston NY was established by the State Police of NY. Come to a cemetery in Kingston and we will show you Joan's grave. A 72 year old kind lady is dead and murdered by IBM's orders. But like the Mafia you cannot get the top guy...contractors were used.

Folks, go to Rochester, NY...Lubin hung himself in his basement.. NO NO folks not suicide. IBM stole his work and killed him.... Again hard to prove.

Folks, go to Argentina. Mr. Cattaneo hung himself (?) and stuffed a newspaper in his mouth about the IBM bribery deal. Judge Bagnascio's only witness, and this deed was traced back to IBM Corporate. Gerstner got away again, probably with Ricciadi's counseling.

This analogy may be strong but Germany received a bad image because of Hitler's deeds. IBM isn't bad per se but Gerstner, Ricciardi etc., who are corporate officers, are misusing IBM and many of you people are just there...just like people were just there in Germany. So, please think about it.

Write your jokes and say some bad lines if you wish..but please just think about what we write about...because there for the Grace of God you could have been,... Joan Lodato,... Moshe Lubin, ....Mr Cattaneo and even ...Vince Lodato, ...Mrs Lubin, ...the children of Mr. Cattaneo, ...Judge Bagnasco who saw justice bought by the Gerstner's IBM."