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In the 1870's the big cave on McEntee St. had its origins as a bluestone mine.  When the mine was 125 ft. long and 30 ft. across with a 16 ft. ceiling, the miners struck water on the rear wall.  Consequently the mining had to be stopped and the mine closed.  In the 1890's John Hauck and his son realized that there was pure water in this large cave...  So he decided to start a brewery at the site.  Here he used the water to make the beer, and the cave to store the lager in barrels on its beautiful bluestone floor.  Thus the John Hauck and Son Brewery was formed, and sold their beer for over sixty years under the label of "Red Monigam".  By the late 1940's the small breweries were winding down due to the large national breweries coming on the scene, and finally by 1965 the property was given to the City of Kingston...they were tired of paying taxes.  The city demolished the building in front of the cave, and filled in the mouths of the little and big cave...By 1985 the property reverted back to nature and there were no signs of the building, the big and little cave...It was at that time that Dr. Vince LoDato bought this vacant land from the city.  By 1993 Dr. LoDato, a lover of fine wine and historic Kingston, wanted to develop a fine and rare wine depository.... ("The Wine Cave")....After a local firm excavated and trucked over twenty-seven ten-wheelers of soil, bricks and debris, the cave was opened and the foundation slab of the old building exposed.  What was found was a spring that was still flowing for over 120 years from the back wall.  This wall and the ceiling has extraordinary beautiful lime stone deposits with stalacitites and stalagmites being formed...The water was test, and was found to have no contaminants and no bacteria present with no surface water interaction, but with a great mix of healthy minerals.  This water is clear like a "flawless diamond" and possesses the most refreshing taste which is indicative of the great mineral springs of the world.  Again God blessed the Hudson Valley with this extraordinary water.  Over the yearly cycle, the spring flows at a rate of seven to fourteen gallons per minute...The old hole was there from the brewery plus several natural fissures in the bluestone rock about three feet off the ground, and beneath these fissures beautiful mineral deposits have built up over the years. As was mentioned earlier, these waters from this protected source are extremely clear.... with a delectable taste.  In the big cave one will find a fifteen thousand gallon enclosed cistern ...along with the rare and fine wine depository .....which can hold over 25,000 individual bottles of wine in lockers ....along with pallet and barrel its for wine instead of beer and you will soon be able to buy at your local store Catskill Mts. Natural Spring Mineral Water--our bottled water...visit the cave on every Saturday from 12:00pm to 4:30pm bring your bottle and get some free mineral water or take a tour now! The cave is owned by the Union corporation.