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Remember  "Dinner without wine is like a kiss without love."

The Wine-Storage Cave ™
77 McEntee St.
Kingston New York 12401
Phone 845 532 7095

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Dedicated to Aging & Storing  

The FACT: "The longest-lived wines are kept in subterranean caves that have fairly high humidity and a constant temperature of roughly 50 degrees."

Fine & Rare Wines!



Welcome to the world of the Wine-Storage Cave.  In the 1860's this splendid bluestone mine just 60 miles from New York City in the beautiful Hudson Valley was formed.  The Wine-Storage Cave is also just 18 miles from Stewart International Airport. This airport is one of the largest International cargo airports in the world. We are the first...fine and rare wine storage facility located in a cave on the North American continent.  The Wine Storage Cave is a New York State Liquor Authority licensed and bonded facility.

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Most Unique Wine Storage Facility in the World. Our vault 32 ft wide, with a 16 Plus foot ceiling, and 125 ft long with a slab Bluestone floor and 100 ft under ground...radiant heating and cooling and all natural & ultra secure.

Now take a Wine Storage tour for Rare Wine! 

Tour the Cave with Christine & Mike


"Water Separates the People of the World, but Wine Unites Them and Makes Life Divine."

Satellite pictures of the Cave from Google

As one can see the cave is in the historic district of Kingston

Here is a satellite close are seeing the patio from space! Over 50 years ago the present cement patio was the floor for the Hauck Brewing Company.  So you can see it is quite large. It still has the two original drains that the brewery used and functional to this day. The cave was built into the bluestone hillside. The floor of the cave  is composed of large bluestone slabs. The floor was laid in the 1860s and is over 5000 sq ft. (You can also see my blue van from space. It's to the left on McEntee St. Next time I am going to ask the NRO to get closer and I will wave to you -- you could probably see my wristwatch too (smiling).


The Wine Cave is one of the "top ten mineral springs" in the world.

Mineral Water Spring

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We "specialize" in Rare  & Fine Wine ...Very Long Term Storage Private and Commerical

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Folks check out the wines of China. These two wines Vinliz litchi wine and Hulu Rice wine have beeen around for over 4000 years. These wines made from rice and litchi or (lychee) are China's pride and joy. Now  they can be enjoyed in the USA.

Bach to the Wine Cave!

We are the only cave vault facility liike this in the world. What "Fort Knox" is to gold in the USA. The Wine-Storage Cave is to wine.

Do you need wine storage, wine storage, wine storage,Wine Storage,...Rare Wine Storage???

  • The purpose of the Wine Storage Cave is to store, educate and develop friendship among the lovers of wine and the collectors who need the very best in the storage of fine and rare wines, cognacs, and armagnac.  
  • For the international customer we are just 18 miles from Stewart International Airport--one of the "largest cargo airports in the world"...we will make sure your wine is on the plane and within "hours" it will be in your country for your consumption.
  • When you have the "rarest of wines"..worth tens of thousands of dollars per bottle and want it stored in the best conditions in the world...while having it fully insured ...with the highest safety should be talking to us...This is what we specialize in! 
  • Member Rates are $1.10 per case per month or $20 per month per locker...NO HIDDEN FEES!...
  • Pick up and delivery service into NYC, Westchester and Putnam counties twice a week and to Stewart Air Cargo Port daily. Also the Wine-Storage Cave, through its truck carrier can move large collection throughout the continent in temperature controlled vans with minimum vibrations at very low prices. If your collection is 5,000 to100,000 bottles we can handle it!...We also do rare wine appraisals for clients and insurance companies....just ask.
  • If you're moving and need to store your wine for six months or ten years, we are the only place in the USA that guarantees ideal wine storage conditions --like the great french chateaus! 
  • Check out Prosciutto in the Cave!       
  • If you intend to sell your wine in one of the "Three Major Auction Houses in the World for Wine", located in NYC, then...
  • Store it at The Wine-Storage Cave and we'll do the rest.
  • Well it time to make arrangements to store the wine you made this year. At the wine cave we have barrel storage for that merlot, cab, etc.....The storage fee is $20/mo for 55 gallon barrel for one year minimum. Pick up and delivery can be arranged.
  •   Sell your wine direct to our Members.
  • Awards received by The Wine Storage Cave.

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    The China Institute and Chinese wine

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