Autumn at the Wine Cave

The Wine-Storage Cave
77 McEntee St.
Kingston, New York 12406
Phone 845 340 9466

            What is ideal wine storage? ...It is:

  •  Correct Temperature for storing wine is  between 56 to 58 degrees F. At this temperature there are a minimum number of adverse organic reactions to ruin your wine, while there are  the maximum number of complex organic ester reactions to give your wine character.  (check for the temperture to serve your wine)...The Cave has a "natural" radiant heating and cooling system, and it's in this temperature range!                

  •  Proper Humidity...means proper ullage ...(the size of the gap between the cork and wine)...and We take added means to protect your labels on your bottles.

  •  Stillness

  •  Darkness

  •  No Odor

  •  Computerized Inventory Control

  •  Check your Inventory by Internet

  •  Extremely High Security...for the RAREST OF WINES

  •  Real Cave

  •  Low Cost

  •  Highest Service

  •  Complete Insurance with NO deductibles...(first $1000.00 is  free and on us)...extra insurance is available at a nominal cost

  • At the cave your wine is only insured for theft and breakage of bottles.

  • The Wine-Storage Cave is just 60 miles from NYC and just 18 miles from Steward Internaional Airport. One of the largest cargo airports in the world.  For the international client we are very near to you!

  •  In three words....the  Wine-Storage Cave!

  •  "Looking for a wine ..just type name and vintage....still cannot find it contact US....we run circles around NSA...especially in the wine search FACT in alot of other computer search and PRIVACY areas too!!!...smiling ...The Staff        

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In the Wine Spectator of July 31, 1997 in an article "The Five Truths about Wine" it is said for Truth No.3:

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