The LoDato Device


Vincent A. LoDato, Ph.D.

A device system for the

"L"ocation, and "O"rganization of "D"ata for "A"cquisitions, "T"ransfers and "O"rders


No Organization can  Invade your Privacy

{A Note to the Reader...This  site ...( does not uses cookies in any form whatsoever...We respect your privacy fully...This is how the LODATO Device initially was born - a PRIVACY DEVICE PLUS..."Necessity is the Mother of Invention"...the inventor's biography just click.}


One of the most important problems is the secure communication of sensitive data. Examples of these applications involve the acquisition of data,  and/or its transfer to another location , and/or orders of executation.  This device allows only the authorized receiver and sender to have access to these types of operations.  This information maybe transferred only if the receiver and/or sender is physically at each machine location or any combination thereof.  Also while the data is in transit there is an added feature; that is, if the data is intercepted by "any"organization even with the greatest computer capabilities, this data can not be decrypted by even the most sophicated algorithms and super computers---even if the hardware were in the giga- petatops operation ranges. No such computers exits today and it will be over thirty years if any  can possibly exist.

Our hardened system  is composed of several elements all of which are easily accessible in present day technology. It is the union and combination of several devices that make our system  novel,  unique, practical, and ultra hardened in a cost effective way. (It is also TEMPEST hardened and for other exterior potential listening devices.) It is primarily a hardware system that is composed of a  portable PC with a special purpose card, coupled to a unique hardware I/O device, and several fuzzy software algorithms.

How does it work?

When the transmitter accesses the PC he or she is completely recognized by the PC. The machine then sets up a partial key for an encryption system. The transmitter then sends a message to the given receiver, again the  receiver's machine only allows an individual who the machine recognizes to have access to this information.  Once this occurs, the receiver's machine returns two partial keys to the sender,  one used for encryption and the other used for decryption...then the message can be sent back and forth in complete privacy.  This is clipper technology plus!!!  Our system insures the complete privacy between the sender and the receiver and is completely safe to all backdoors whether they be by a fabricated software algorithm or any hardware means or any combination thereof.

Applications for our devices.

Banking transactions, strategic plans between executives and employees of your company,  mobil diplomatic communications, stock market trading, personal data between individuals, hospitals medical data transfers, lawyers, physicians,  and any situation where complete privacy is needed. Our devices can easily be placed in any given enterprise system. It  has intranet and internet capabilities and is compatible with any LANS etc etc..features.

How hard are these devices?

These devices are Echelon Hardened. This device is also hardened against the Russian's FAPSI, the PRC's Computer Surveillance Division, the German's BND, Israel's Aman, Mossad and Shin Bet, Frances's SGDN, India's CBI, anything that IBM, ATT (We are far superior than ATT's Fortezza card which is not echelon hardened.),  LMT and LOR may have.  We are putting world wide privacy back on the internet, faxes, etc. This device is Carnivore hardened. (Due to the fact of the multiple of IS addresses and  the number of  internet service providers. (Remember even if they have the addresses, they can not break the coded message.) Our norm is Echelon hardened which far surpasses Carnivore.  Our philosophy is ....freedom  and privacy presupposes responsibility. When purchasing our device certain agreements must be signed. (I am sure you understand.) Please remember our purpose isn't to beat Echelon, but to have your privacy respected by all.

Protect Your Secrets...From "ALL"...With This Device

Privacy is your right .  Depending on the level of encryption in use with these devices, and more important how these devices function, the problems associated with computer security is "completely solved" for pennies on the dollar.

Please read in the nutshell about these devices. The LODATO devices can be customized to fit  you specific needs. This device will generate strong encrpyted discs, and help the absent minded professor on your staff or that official who lost his or her PC.

This device can be altered such that "a square mile of petatop computers" can work for over a year with no success. Also software algorithms that use statistical analysis in an attempt to try and understand word patterns etc...will find they are working with an extremely and in some cases an ultra extreme uniform distribution.

How do we know this device does what it says it does?....Well, test it and you'll see.

Why is this particular system of commercial value?

The answer is simple: for present conventional systems of this type, it cost well over tens of thousands of dollars to manufacture and more to the buyer based on indirect cost and profit to the manufacturer. Our system just cost well under five thousand in direct cost to manufacture in mass production and can be sold to small and medium size companies  at an extremely competitive price. These are custom transmitting and receiving devices. Again with our device, communication between the receiver and sender even if over the internet is completely secure from all intrusions and is highly mobile  in character making IP points of origins impossible to trace.  

Not to long ago it was reported in the news that SCR-Thompson was bidding on a contract in Brazil and an American company with the help of Echelon intercepted some messages between SCR-Thompson and Brazil. It was reported that the American company won the contract only because of the help from Echelon. This is what the late Senate Frank Church , the past Chairman of the USA Senate Intelligence Committee warned against.  Our devices insure fair free enterprise nationally and globally.

In a Nutshell what this device does: (1) it physically recognizes both the sender and receiver on a "real time basis " with over 50,000 pieces of personal information about each individual, (2) checks on a real time basis during the communication that the immediate area is secure, and (3) the data is transmitted over the internet, intranet, any LAN, any WAN etc with several possible levels of encryption. The highest being Echelon hardened

There are two divisions of this device. It is the ultimate biometric device.  This stand alone section allows for person to person comunication with or without encryption/decryption. This part of the device does not require US government involvement.

Secondly it is an encryption /decryption device  with the highest level being echelon hardened.

The Echelon and/or NSA  hardened system is only available to members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch of the US government.

 The knowledge of the encryption/decryption requires being in conformity with US government regulations depending on the level requested to be installed.

International Inquiries Welcomed

  Who Needs These Devices?

This Device is a must for all who handle ultra sensitive data. It's cyber safety for your client, corporation and organization.

Due to the nature of the LODATO DEVICE....that is NO ONE  (not even NSA) can decode your message and we solved the back door (hardware and/or software) problem .

If you are interested in purchasing our system please send us your organization's name and address, contact person, a telephone number, a time to call  the contact person. Please send information to the following address..yes it's a real cave.

This is a very novel and unique device that is chip and all software hardened.

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