Mike & Christine at the Wine Cave

   Two friends of mine are Mike and Christine. Chris is a mother of two beautiful girls and knows alot about the beverage business. Mike is a local Hudson Valley developer. Chris loves grape juice...I mean the real individual juices of the individual grapes from the muscat to the gamay....Well, Mike is a lover of white wine...and won the contest last year for being the gentlest winemaker...when we made merlot....here they are sitting on our patio

Christine is drinking muscat grape juice vintage 1984...Guess what Mike is drinking?....When  they walked into the little cave they discovered some of our merlot we made last year.

Cheers to all those lovers of Wine!

Now off to the big cave...up the corridor...what did Mike discover?  Chris knows Mike likes white wine....an early 1970's portuguese white.

But Mike likes a German sweet white wine...Now look what he finds from Vince's


A bottle of Eiswein vintage 1976 and three liters no less...guess the name?

Now to the back of the big cave for some merlot that was made at the grape crush last year.... Mike is racking away.

But now it's time to go outside and relax again.

Christine and Mike are really great folks .... They're wonderful and always smiling.