Mona says, "...I love The Cave ...I love men with grapes in their genes."   

"I also drank Catskill Mt. Mineral water from the Cave ...look at my teeth"



In the May issue of 2001 of the Robb Report a article was written about wine storage...and the ripe time to store wine.  This prestigious magazine chose three facilities to write about and rated us

Number One

as the leader in wine storage.

How Cooper became an Internet wine writer.

What's New.... york, jersey, hampshire and hopefully you as a member.  If you are a commercial account contact us and let us know your needs....thanks! . .....Also...

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Wine Investment & Proper Storage

PLEASE READ ABOUT PROPER WINE STORAGE ..some of our clients have hundreds of thousands of dollars in rare wine....and first growth wine from an outstanding vintage year appreciates at a rate of about 30% per year... a $11000 investment in 1970 in these wines is worth over $280,000 is one the best investments the don't have to be wealthy to start is truly the fruit of great sensitizes us to nature and our fellow man...Hi I'm Hannah & I'm Josh

We have investments in wine for our futures!...So learn about how your collection should be kept.......Just Click


We Do "Rare Wine and Winery" Insurance Appraisals for Clients and Insurance Companies..Just Ask.

Check it out..."Wine Sayings by Cooper"...  ...the only dog who has his wine column ...loves jazz, people & life!

Cooper wants you to check out the: "CENTRAL WINE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY"...make sure your sound is on ...get the full will enjoy it... tell vince..via email ...come to the Wine Storage Cave...he'll give you a free glass of mineral water.

See....The WhineBoard™

To our members and clients.

  1. If you're from Manhattan we have something especially for you.

The History of the Wine  Storage Cave.  

 We transport our rarest and finest wines by limo.."Not kidding"..we do people at times too!...Olivia Newton John, the actress and singer, while  packing wines at a client's NYC apartment told me..."I wish I could travel by limo like these wines.".....(I just smiled.)...Folks, this is true story.....Ms. John is one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met!.......So if you are in Kingston you're lucky....    Limo at the Cave...Limo Service in Kingston meet nice people in this business.

  Check out a picture of the "Little Cave" that members have use of for private parties!

Check out Prosciutto in the'll be surprised!!! 

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