Proscuitto di  la Cava

Besides wine our love for prosciutto is here in the Cave.

We if you heard of Prosciutto di Parma, or Proscuitto di San Daniele,  we have Prosciutto di Cava. Recently we performed an experiment, we prepared a fresh ham with white pepper  and sea salt, and allowed it to hang in two distinct places in the cave. The first place was moist (humidity 65%)  and the ham was permeated with the mist of our mineral water in the rear of the cave.  It hung their for several months  (we started this experiment with one ham in late July of 1999) and later it was moved over the cistern and allowed to air cure dry again for a few months. Within a 6 month period it was removed from the Cave , the bone removed and prepared.  So here it is hanging in the little cave in  a clear wrap.

We are going to the Amish country in Pennsylvania, and only using hogs that are over 10 months old and weight  over 310 lb . These hogs were raised only on natural grain food with no steriods, hormones, etc added--the highest quality fresh hams available. The tendering  of the proscuitto during the curing process is labor intensive. Our air dried natural hams  (proscuitto) come with  or without a bone.  

There is no comparsion with any amercian store bought  mass produced ham  when compared to our handcrafted proscuitto.  Ours secret is the air drying process in the Cave. Our flavor is so so delicate, ... a soft smoky taste (yet we don't smoke the ham or add any agent whatsoever--the result is  obtained by cave curing)....with a light taste of salt and the sweet indescribable exciting and tantalizing taste that makes you quiver after consuming this mysterious delicate meat.

Now for the bad news if you are not a member of the cave, we don't sell to the public-- now for the good news if you are a member of the cave you can order a whole proscuitto--the cost is $100. It weighs about 15 lbs...or it comes to about $8.00/lb

However you must wait 6 months for your proscuitto..and when you're visiting the cave you can check on its progress while you are check on your wines....(At present we are in the process of setting up the necessary licences and permits to sell to restaurants, wholesalers and over the internet to our members.)

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