The Wine-Storage Cave

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The wine cave has truly a mix of members...but what we all have in common is .."we are lovers of wine"...and we all know that a great wine requires proper handling...some quotes from our clients...

Wine Quotes by Cooper

  • "I have a large cellar and I am still buying wife said, "you have a great cellar at home and that's it with space---jokingly she said or more wine...I thought and concluded that its cheaper to store at this wine cave as opposed to the now I have both."
  • "I have some very rare and expensive wine. I chose this wine cave because of conditions and security."
  • "We live in an apartment and I am a serious collector. We needed the space, security,  and the other services are great."
  • "I buy  at auctions and futures and I wanted them shipped directly for proper storage and handling."
  • "I inherited some old and rare port and didn't know what to do with it....The wine cave staff helped in the storage, value and sale."
  • One of our clients decided to store his wine at home...and on the holidays he opened his wife's favorite wine...she compared home storage verses the Cave's storage so look at her husband...this happens to be my daughter and husband...
  • Physics or Wine?...the story of  wine storage...I did physics for years until it came out of my ears...Now lasers, plasmas, and thermonuclear reactions didn't give me much satisfaction...But when NSA and the boys       played with my toys...I didn't whine but got into wine.        

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