Biography of Vincent A. LoDato

Personal Data:

Excellent health - no impedments Born: May 31, 1940 in  Brooklyn, New York ....Email: Number 845 532 9796

Motto for Life

"Do all your tasks as if it's the last thing you are going to do on earth... and remember with God all things are possible.  Also let Truth be my sword with Gentleness and Patience being my armour."

Teaching Experience

Taught at IBM courses in laser physics from 1982 to 1986....Received an Outstanding Teacher's award from IBM.

From 1980 to 1982 was Associate professor in Electrical Engineer Technology at Hudson Valley Community ..Set up the Laser Technician Program and was responsible for obtaining over $500,000 in grants for the college.

At Marist College  in 1972-1974 was an Adjunct Professor in Physicis, taught courses in General Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics and Modern Optics, also taught Mathematical physics I and II ..a special topic course.

At Mount St. Mary was Full Professor in Computing Science and Math. in 1983 evening courses..taugh courses in Graph Theory, and Theory of Computing.  

Hobbies and Activities

Art collector, antiques, reading 18 & 19 century literature.... and lover of passion in life. Vince is also a good chef and a great host. He is a Mason and member of Lodge #10 in NY, and also a Shrinner. He is active in the community for benefits and charity drives. Vince also makes wine. This year it was merlot and cabernet sauvignon. The grapes came from california. The wine is handcrafted and are some quotes about wine from Cooper Vince's to dance ( please put your sound up on your computer)

Educational Background:

B.S. in Chemistry form the University of Dayton-1962 Dayton Ohio GPA 3.2....M.S in Physical Chemistry Notre Dame University-1966 South Bend In. GPA Physics York University -1968 Toronto Canada GPA 4.0

Computer Literacy

Fortran, Algol, Pascal, Basic, C,C++, Assembler, HTML, etc, etc, etc....Many years in the design of large simluation codes, and all numerical analysis techniques (thirty years experience). Vince had fun building the site for the wine cave. He did everything here alone with the exception of Cooper's help.

Work Experience:    

From 1994 to Present

Vince started and built the wine storage cave in Kingston New York. He engineered and built the facility and was involved in every aspect of its development. Did the marketing and sales for the storage of rare and fine wine via the Internet, and made this site the “NumberOne Site in the World” for the storage of rare and fine wine. He did the programming and design for this site.  He constantly meets new people from all walks of life and enjoys and LOVES to talk about wine with them. He has over 20 years experience in wine, from a lover of fine wine, to a sommelier at a four star restaurant, the Duy Prey Canal House, in High Falls New York to the Wine Cave in Kingston New York. Here is a recent picture of the wine cave.

Take a tour of the wine Cave..just click

The other career chronology: 

From 1988 to 1994

He was one of the principals and founders of Bizzy Bee Equipment Company (BBE). He served as president for those years. He was in charge of the overall running of the company that was designing a synchrotron stepper tool used in the manufacturing of high density computer chips. During his tenure he was responsible for obtaining a $3.5 M bond issue from NYS. He was successful in initiating the deal for a small manufacturing plant for BBE. Also he lead a group of approximately 20 staffers ( Ph.D, M.S., and B.S) and was the project management of the BBE. He is very much at ease in dealing with others.  Well, what happened to BBE  just click...after this came my wine career and I am not w(h) is just a matter of time - Kelly!

From 1987 to 1988

Vince was a consultant to the Perkin Elmer Corpation in the area of laser interferometry and was responsible for the successful demonstration of an alignment system for a synchrotron stepper.

From 1981 to 1987

He was an advisory engineer at the IBM Corp in East Fishkill, New York. During this time he was responsible for over $10M in tool development for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. He was the first in the world to demonstrate that chips could by made via laser chemical deposition with a transmission volume hologram.

From 1972 to 1981

He was a consultant to a host of Fortune 500 companies, The Rand Corporation, SAIC (knew Bob Beyster when he only had "six" employees -- and he wanted me to join the company then --well), Wayne State University Research Institute, the US Government, in the areas of laser manufacturing, fusion-fission processes. He developed for Mobay a process for the manufacture of hydrazine using a high powered CO2 laser. This work was transferred to Bayer, which was part of the old Farben company in Germany .

From 1969 to 1971

He was a visiting scientist and member of the technical staff of Gulf General Atomic in La Jolla California. He was member of the theoretical group to demonstrate the process of uranium isotope separation via a laser method.

From 1968 to 1969

He was a member of the scientific programming group at IBM East Fishkill, New York. He developed an algorithm for solving stiff systems of differential equations... Even to this day it is used throughout IBM for all their circuit analysis codes and is a standard in the industry.

From 1964 to 1968

A graduate student at Notre Dame University and York University in Toronto Canada...during this period I just got married to Eileen -- still married to the same lady --- have three daughters and six grand children. (At that time I was a very intense young man - and thought I could derive life from second quantization and quantum mechanic -- now I just smile at the age of 67.)

From 1956 to 1964

Was in religious life --- a Brother (monk) in the Society of Mary, a Marianist---got my BS from the University of Dayton and taught in high school in Hollywood Florida - Chaminade High School.  I thank God every day for my training as a monk.  The best training in the world! Thank you God and thank you the Society of Mary. 

From 1940 to 1956    

A Brooklyn Boy! -- You can take the boy from Brooklyn

but you can not take the Brooklyn

from the boy!

Prior to 1940

I was in heaven...came to earth by Sam and Anna...was their love child...I was told that...when I was a kid I was a spoiled brat (my Uncle Charlie told me know he was right.)  That's it folks you have my biography and it is complete.

Publications and Awards

Vince has published over 50 technical papers and has written chapters in several books.He has received letters of commendations from the U.S. Senate (Senator Tunney/Senator Metcalf) for his work in laser fusion-fission processes. He was the recipient of a UD Scholarship, an Atomic Energy Fellowship from ND, and had a National Research Council Fellowship at York University.

Clerances from the US Government

He has had a secret clearance from the DoD, an L and Q clearance from the AEC. A Q clearance is the highest clearance in atomic weapons.  More about Vince.