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Wine and Chinese Culture

The origins of fermenting and drinking wine in China go far back in time. Chinese ancestors either used wine as a libation to their forefathers to express reverence, or enjoied it by themselves while writing poetry, prose, or toasted their relatives and friends during a feast. Wine thus enriched the colorful life of the Chinese people.

As early as in the Shang dynasty of the 18th through 11th centuries B.C., the use of grains to make wine had become widespread. The development of Chinese wine-making techniques accelerated after the 3rd century A.D. Each part of the nation used different grains to produce yeast.

About Rice Wine

Rice wines had been the most popular alcoholic drinks for Chinese in ancient times, and are still one of the popular alcoholic beverages, especially in South China.

Rice wines are popular among all classes of the native population. They are consumed in very large quantities during festivals, at social gathering, especially in winter. They are served on holidays and at wedding ceremories in the homes of country people as well as urban dwellers. They are normally warmed to about 35 to 40.It can also be served at room temperature.


Early rice wine-brewing techniques before Xia Dynasty ( 21th century B.C.- 16th century B.C.) were not well recorded. However, we found the first reference to the existence of this rice wine in the "Jia Gu Wen" ( inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of Shang Dynasty, c. 16th-11th century B.C.). At least three types of alcoholic drinks made from cereals were mentioned in the Jia Gu Wen.

The first being -"Jiu" it was probably made from cereals which have been scarified and fermented by Jiu Qu ; The second is "LI"  it was made from malted cereals and was similar to primitive beer; and  finally the third is: "Chang", it was a kind of quality rice wine flavoured by adding tulip.

Yellow Wine

Yellow Wine is the most popular wine in China.  It has a clear orange yellow color with a fragrant smell. It contains 17 amino acids required by human body and it is a low density nourishing wine.

What is Shaoxing Rice Wine?

As we know rice wine has been made in China since 2500 B.C.  Shaoxing rice wine is a brown rice from the Shaoxing area, and is considered the best rice to make wine.  The first step in this process is called steeping. This is when the rice is put into a large vat of water for 18-20 days. Then the rice is cooked with steam.  This is followed by a fermentation process where the steamed rice is added to water and wheat yeast, and then fermented for 90 days.

In the next process the solids are separated from the liquid. It is then (the liquid is pasteurized at 194 F temperature).  

The liquid is then aged in 24 liter earthen barrels for 5 years.

Now various batches are blended to create a final product with consistent flavor and aroma.  The blend is again pasteurized at 176 F for 30 minutes in this earthen bottle.  This wine in its present earthen container only gets better with time, i.e., it ages and becomes more flavor full with time.

The health benefits of this wine are legendary in Chinese history and medicine.  As we all know our western medicine is just catching up to Chinese medicine. Think about it folks, people live to a long age in China without all our western amenities and health habits.

And they (the Chinese) don't believe in cutting the human body (operations), but treating it with herbs, acupunture and good health habits. So a little wine like this every day will do wonders for your body and spirit.  We all know that the body needs essential amino acids that it cannot manufacture by itself.  Well they are here in this wine and more. They are not all found in wine made from grapes!  

Finally there are no Sulfites in this wine. The amino acids (mg/l) in Shoaxing Rice are

Aspartic acid 307.7

Threonine 334.4

Serine 348.1

Glutamic acid 418.1

Glycine 287.4

Alanine 596.9

Cystine --

Valine 278.9

Methionine 64.9

Isoleucine 186.7

Leucine 493.6

Tyrocine 306.0

Phenylalanine 351.4

Lysine 431.2

Histidine 130.4

Arginine 599.6

Proline 515.4

Tryptophan --

Hydroxyproline --

Total 5648.0 (mg/l)

What does Shaoxing Rice wine taste like?

Truly Unique!  This rice wine exhibits notes of toasted sesame, soy and light fish oils.  If also has a port or sherry like finish.

 Full Flavored and an Exotic Finish.

 This will pair well with most Asian Cuisine. Most Americans think of rice wines as cooking wine and they are inexpensive  inferior wines that are produced in a short period of time while being just good for cooking.  However this wine has been carefully aged for over five years and contains only the finest ingredients while being painstakingly handcrafted.  

We all know  about the Chinese people and their craftmen  talents  coupled to their legendary abilities for patience. So have a treat with this remarkably aged wine  at a modest price!

Your body will feel good; your mind will be at peace. It won't hurt your pocket book and it will increase your love life.

 Well we can not guarantee the last phrase but it will help!

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