25° in the shade is usually the ideal average for us humans, at which we feel comfortable. But if you leave your wine to these temperatures, it will have very little joy and you will have even less later. Above all, wine storage temperatures that are too high but also fluctuate greatly can have a strong negative effect on the wine, if not even ruin it. Other negative influences are too low humidity and odor emissions. From our experience, we can state that the storage conditions for wine in residential buildings are very rarely optimal.

The advantages of a professional wine storage

In our wine storage, the conditions are ideal for your wine. Throughout the year there is a constant temperature of 13 ° and humidity of at least 50%. This allows your precious wines to mature slowly and under controlled conditions in a professional cellar. The wine gets the opportunity to reach optimal maturity and thus offers you maximum enjoyment.

High-quality wines are often affordable only when they have just come on the market. If you buy the wines matured at the retailer, they are much more expensive. On average, high-quality wines increase in value by about 10% per year.

CO2 compensated

We compensate our energy consumption for the sake of the environment and have therefore decided that we will have a tree planted every month for each rented wine storage compartment. At full capacity, this makes over 2000 trees per year and a positive balance of 25 tons of CO2. Thus we reduce the CO2 footprint of our company including its employees to zero.

Get in touch today for a no-obligation check of free wine storage space near your home, so that your wine can age as well as possible and continue to give pleasure for a long time to come.