Wine Cellar Zug

Blegistrasse, 6340 Baar


Wine as an alternative investment is gaining increasing attention. Our wine storage cellar in Baar/Zug is in close proximity to the Crypto Valley train. The wine storage in Sihlbrugg can also be reached in a few minutes by car from the lake communities of Kilchberg, Horgen and Thalwil. A visit to your wine storage compartment can also be perfectly combined with a visit to the gourmet restaurant Krone.

Train: 10min | Horgen: 13min | Wollerau: 18min | Wädenswil: 15 min

Storage Options

  • Up to 1000 bottles – CHF 82.50 per month excl. 7.7% VAT

  • Up to 500 bottles – CHF 45.80 per month excl. 7.7% VAT

Private cellar, pallet storage or smaller quantities, available on request

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Registration fee: CHF 100

Key deposit: CHF 150 (refundable)

Minimum 6 months rental

Wine storage &

service details

  • 24h, 7 days a week access
  • Steady storage climate: ~12° Celcius, ~65% humidity
  • Storage certificate for your wines on request
  • Secure and video-monitored facility
  • Direct private sheltered parking access
  • Wine promotions from our partners

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