Champagne and good sparkling wine are stored protected from light at a constant temperature, preferably close to 12°C.

If you think that you can store champagne in your cellar without any problems, you are mistaken – and really mistaken. Champagne is one of the most light- and heat-sensitive beverages there is (along with milk, freshly squeezed juices and white wine).

Therefore, special attention must be paid to its storage. This means that champagne should be stored protected from light in a dark room at 12° – under the very conditions that prevail in our wine storage cellars. Of course, for longer storage, the temperature should be as stable as possible and there should be no shocks. By the way: Champagne should only be put in the refrigerator one hour to two hours before consumption and should never be left lying around for weeks.

Many people think that champagne should be drunk as quickly as possible, within a year or two of purchase. This is only partly true, because many sparkling wines can mature very well thanks to their acidity. Champagnes of particularly good quality usually need four to five years before they “come to rest”. In general, it can probably be said that good Champagne will benefit from aging for at least two years after disgorgement (removal of the yeast and addition of the dosage) – provided it is stored properly.

But ultimately, your own preference is key. If you love the fresh, fruity notes in Champagne, you should not store it for more than four years. Through aging, good sparkling wines lose some of these fresh primary aromas and they develop over time notes of flowers, dried fruit, nuts, as well as aromas of macaroons, coconut, mocha or even black powder.

In any case, we encourage you to try to give champagne some time in the cellar for maturation. You will not regret it!

If you have any questions about good sources for champagne, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.